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    Unifi Dream Machine

    Nope. Not as the simple hand walking wizard as Asus
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    hmm...fishy. exploit.http.empireHTTPListener detected. Or maybe not fishy. UI3

    I know there are tons of false alarms and false detections out there for virus scanners and all that. I'm 98% sure this is such a circumstance. When I pulled up my UI3 from my computer (, Bitdefender quickly popped up with threat notification of the HTTP listener detected from...
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    Blue Iris 5 frequently dropping dahua cameras

    when they drop out... can you ping the cameras directly from your windows machine? You have what troubleshooting to do. Router, switch, patch cords, patch panel (if you have one), cat5/cat6 cable, terminations, camera, computer, blue iris.
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    Unifi Dream Machine

    Correct. This UDM is more for small business / home use router. Serves my purposes perfectly :) IPS, firewall, VLAN's, easily manage Ubiquiti switch, etc. Wouldn't purchase for an enterprise system though. My last router was a $300+ ASUS X10 Nighthawk. The signal strength of WiFi of both...
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    Advice for outdoor cat6 connections - ie POE cameras, weatherproofing, power surges, etc

    If you REALLY wanted UltraWaterproofing connections... when we did fiber optic splices out in the field up in South Dakota (extreme weather)... the splices were enclosed in a see thru plastic 3 foot long tube and then filled with...with... something :) A 2 part liquid that within 12 hours...
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    So I know this guy...

    who, foolishly, ran shielded 22/2 wire through his house! He was unaware that he was suppose to use unshielded 22/2. He may have to re-pull with the correct wire as there is still time for it. Curious. What does happen if you use shielded wire for door/window contacts? The box I ... I...
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    Home Assistant

    Over New Year's Weekend, I got around to installing HA on a NUC. Just gots it installed and functioning. I have Blue Iris and new cams nearly installed. And should have my DSC w/EVL link up as well. Should be a fun weekend to hurt my brain.
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    Unifi Dream Machine

    One really nice thing is the ease of setting up VLAN's. I feared having to really dig down and learn VLAN's when I have other matters going on in life that need addressing rather than learning too much tech stuff. Luckily, setting up VLAN's is a 30 second thing on the UDM
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    Unifi Dream Machine

    Ditched my Asus x10 nighthawk gaming router for a UDM 2 months ago. Finally, multiple VLANS! Very happy with the UDM for my at home purposes.
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    Western Digital Purple Micro Cards vs others?

    I did buy 3 x 128mb WD Purple microSD cards. One thing to note about these cards (or so say WD homepage) is that they are industrial, made for extreme endurance of survaillance cameras, a high variance of temperature for outside duties (-40c to 80c), and some sort of humidity resistant for...
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    Switch ideas ?

    Your diagram is the most recommended way to keep cameras off the internet by putting them after your Blue Iris PC on their on subnet. I did the same for a good many months because my ASUS router could not do multiple VLANS. However, I did not isolate my Blue Iris PC from the internet. That was...
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    Alarm panels and sensors. Who has put resistors at EOL for residential?

    The master plan is... to attach the resistor to the back of the recessed sensor. All window/door sensors are horizontal through adjoining studs with a ... um... er... 1/2" hole? The sensor will be epoxied or glued into the hole with 5-6" slack of 2 wire in the wall. I think...if anything...
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    Alarm panels and sensors. Who has put resistors at EOL for residential?

    Federman...I think I saw that video of using 4 pair wire instead of two so you that you can put resistors in the alarm box. Too late for me :) Already ran 2 wire. Now to decide if putting a resistor forever behind repaired drywall is a good idea, or not so good idea.
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    Can Cat5e/Cat6 run in Conduit with Electrical Wires ?

    Something else to consider. I actually don't know if it's okay to run cat6 along with 12 volt DC or 24 volt DC cable. Would take a bit of research. but you could convert your garage 110 volt security lights over to DC
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    Can Cat5e/Cat6 run in Conduit with Electrical Wires ?

    Then sounds like best option is to run a underground cat6 cable feed back and forth through the empty conduit. Underground cat6 cable is waterproof. No need to be shielded