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    Blue Iris IOS App 2.03.01 Issue With Reviewing Motion Events

    In the past, I was able to scroll through motion alerts backwards by pressing the rewind key once. That would take me to the previous motion alert and start playing it. However, pressing the rewind key once only goes back to the beginning of the motion alert I was already viewing. I want it to...
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    No Signal Problem With Amcrest IP8M-T2599EW Camera

    I am using an older (2015) TP-Link POE Switch Model TL-SG1008PE with the latest version of Blue Iris and several versions of nine Amcrest cameras. However, about once a week, Blue Iris reports a lost signal on the newer Amcrest IP8M-T2599EW Camera. This is remedied by unplugging and plugging the...
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    MC400L chinese camera

    I got Blue Iris to work with my EZVIZ doorbell camera including the audio. You could try the different audio formats in the menu, but "RTSP alternate AAC decoder" worked for my doorbell camera.
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    Review: EZVIZ DB1C

    I am going to be installing the DB1C on overlapping shingles (no choice in the matter). Does the package come with a wedge mount, or do I need to use plastic spacers for the lower screws?
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    Stealing my electric

    Telling the court that you had video evidence of them siphoning your electricity but you decided to shoot them anyway is not a good idea because they didn't appear to be a threat. I would leave out the part that you had video evidence and state that you caught them by surprise. All...
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    Perpetrator Nailed by Blue Iris

    Looks like Geddy Lee in drag.
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    screwed up my installation a little

    This is a little late, but clear plastic sheets will not reflect the flare. The area covered by the sheets will appear dark when the IR hits it. You can use thumbtacks to attach the sheets to make it easier to move or remove them.
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    A strong smelling petroleum jelly (Vicks Vaporub) works best, but it is messy.
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    Fighting spider webs change from bullet to eyeball?

    I have tried everything to stop the spider webs without turning off the IR lights or nighttime alerts. Switching to turret cameras helps a little, but the spiders will still use the camera housing to form their webs across the lens and IR light. I have tried a peppermint oil/water/soap...
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    New home owner - do I have options?

    Three years ago, I needed to install four outside cameras under my eaves. I went into the attic, looked around, and I decided that I would be better off hiring a professional to run the cables. $1,200 later, I was glad I did because he needed to use an endoscope camera to determine how to get...
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    WTS Four HGST Deskstar NAS 3.5-Inch 4TB 7200RPM SATA III 64MB Cache Internal Hard Drive Kits (0S03664)

    I have four of these used drives, and I am asking $300 for all four. I would rather sell them as a set of four and not separately. They are specifically made for a 24/7 NAS environment. They are not recommended for use as a regular hard drive for your computer. I am pulling them from my NAS...
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    YooSee SD-M5 doorbell: 1080p, PoE, RTSP, Onvif, only $66

    Can I wire the CAT cable directly into this 8 port Gigabit POE switch? Or, do I need to use the pigtail injector supplied and plug it into the switch and separate power outlet?
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    Conduit question

    I used this thicker direct burial cable in my attic without conduits: Almost every attic will house mice, but I have had no problems with this cable yet.
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    This works very well for about 2 months, and then you have to reapply. I got it from Amazon:
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    Oh, Deer!