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    Consumer Electronics Show 2022

    Yup, that product will fail. They need to work out all of the kinks before they send it to market. Who wants to pay thousands of dollars for something you can use 50% or less of the time, as well as never know until you go out to analyze the snow before you send it out.
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    Delivery Drivers Are So Lazy (Video)

    Sit out there and call her out on it. Tell her that her ass wouldn't be so fat if she wasn't so lazy. Tell her she's bad at her delivery job and might make more money as a phone sex operator since she likes talking on the phone so much. Also, start filing claims that the contents are damaged.
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    poor puppy, badly hurt

    Yeah I love dogs and didn't think I wanted to open this post for fear of what I might see. But I was fortunately tricked by Andy and still laughing at this video!!! :rofl: Man, my feet must smell like roses because my dog puts his head in my shoes and walks/rolls around. :idk:
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    1/3" CMOS @ 4 MP versus 1/2.7 @ 5 MP - I have questions

    Keep in mind, all of these outside images with snow won't be as bright once the snow melts. That snow reflects A LOT of light. All statements still hold true though and fine tuning will likely be needed for motion blur and other stuffs. The guys here are the real deal!
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    Yeman Houthis change the dahua PTZ as a

    I love that it has a wiper blade to clean the window. These cameras are almost as sophisticated as my car!
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    Explosion, what hell inside? Bomb???

    Yeah the only reason you don't see these videos in the US is because all of our dumb kids tried to copy-cat it all and got themselves/others killed. Now it's all immediately censored and taken down to ensure our future population. :lol:
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    Hardware watchdog Time

    I'm guessing you're running the PC with a monitor attached and not headless like many do? if you have a monitor, make sure it's not flaking out...try pressing some keys on the keyboard to see if you can get a Window's error beep or maybe reseat the monitor display/power cable. Other than that...
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    Red Shouldered Hawk on my Pool Filter

    It sprays the little hamster inside to make him run on the wheel is what you really meant to say!
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    Explosion, what hell inside? Bomb???

    I don't even want to know how you found this video or why it turned up on your searches. :lol: I unfortunately just watched that whole video of a grown man playing with 20 other grown men's balls waiting for something even crazier to happen (what can be crazier than that?!). Now I just feel...
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    Scaring people away with a flashlight

    I was going to say, I was waiting to see another chair sitting there when they pulled away. :lol:
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    I see Deer a Lot--- Never this!

    He won't live long. He's already skinny and just a scavenger now. I used to have a 3 legged dog (missing a back leg). Probably like that yote, his leg got caught in a trap and was chewed off in exchange for freedom.
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    Anyone else get snow today?

    Damn, that looks rough! Sorry you that happened, bad way to start a day!
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    IPCT Black Friday Blue Iris Sale! $49.99 until midnight Saturday!

    I'll probably pick up a copy. I'm perfectly happy with my NVR from @EMPIRETECANDY but I have extra computers and it's nice to have options.
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    Plowing Driveway with ATV 30x

    Soooo...5 states away is still a neighbor, right? LOL
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    Plowing Driveway with ATV 30x

    Damn, I kept waiting for sexy girls in bathing suits to come running after you. :thumb: