1. T

    Is There An App For ChromeBook Available To Use For Any IP Camera?

    Hey guys and girls. As the title says, Is There An App For ChromeBook Available To Use For Any IP Camera? I have a "Reolink PoE IP Camera 5MP Super HD Home Security Camera" I want to use with the CB laptop. Here's an Amazon link to the the product.
  2. J

    New Member Noob Questions- OEMs and Searching the forum

    I've installed a couple systems now and just discovered this site. The wealth of information here is amazing but I'm having a little trouble searching the site often getting a "no results found" response. So if someone could point me towards the right threads that'd be great. Looking for the...
  3. Monocle

    Monocle: View IP Cameras with Alexa (Echo Show, Echo Spot, Fire TV, Fire Tablet)

    Hello IPCamTalk members, I just wanted to introduce a new service and Alexa integration skill named Monocle. Monocle is a gateway service that enables seamless integration of your private IP-based network cameras with smart home automation services such as Amazon Alexa®. Monocle enables you...
  4. Newsjunkie

    From the Shark Tank to Bezos: Amazon buys Ring for $1 billion

    If there is a story of chance, luck, failure, and success all bound together by fate, it is the story of Ring. Back in 2013, when Jamie Siminoff pitched his idea “DoorBot” to the investor-judges of Shark Tank in its fifth season as “DoorBot” for a measly $700,000, it did not go well. Walking...
  5. E

    Notification to smart phone is delayed.

    I'm new to Blue Iris but have two cameras up and running and really like the program. My cameras are viewing my doors and I'd like to know IMMEDIATELY if someone approaches the doors. The notification to my cell phone seems like the quickest way...but often the notification reaches the phone...
  6. CyberGoon

    Amazon Alexa won't discover BI

    I've followed everything to a T and can't seem to get Alexa to see BI. I set Amazon Echo Control to Enable on the General Tab of each camera. I go to Option > Mobile Devices and click on Connect to Amazon Echo, the have Alexa search for devices and there are no new devices found. I have an...