1. M

    Problems configuring Reolink 823-A with BI5

    Having a lot of problems here configuring the 823-A with BI5. Purchased a RLC 823-A last week. Updated the firmware today and now its not interfacing with Blue Iris properly. Using the Reolink App and Reolink desktop, everything seems ok running at CLEAR (3840x2160 25 fps). But trying to...
  2. R

    Q-See Configuration

    I have a Q-See Wi-Fi HD Camera (model QCW4K1MCB) and would like to set it to a static IP. Q-See's app requires you to log in but since they are out of business that doesn't work. Reading some online manuals it should be possible to access the camera and its settings via a web portal by entering...
  3. P

    Camera setting precedence

    Hi, When configuring my Security system does it matter where I do some or most of the configurations? What I am asking is, does the configuration on the cameras web interface like bit rate, frames per second, etc take precedence over Blue Iris or vice versa?
  4. K

    Trying to Configure Blue Iris For Sub Stream Use

    I have read through the Sub Stream Guide and I understand the steps required to configure for sub stream use. However, I get stuck where it says to "Go to the Network IP camera configuration panel". I am unable to find this configuration panel in any of the camera settings. Looking at the Blue...
  5. M

    Configure camera settings

    Hi everyone, I have a DS-7616NI-K2 hikvision NVR and some DS-2CD2085g1-I cameras. I was trying to configure some parameters of the camera like IR and image setting but many of them are available only when directly connected to the camera, not through the NVR camera config. Since the cameras...
  6. IceSte86

    D-Link - DCS‑4602EV (POE) does not appear in Setup Wizard nor in Router assigned IP

    Hi all! I am new here but I found lots of useful discussion in the forum. I have a problem with an IP-CAM POE powered (the camera is powered for sure since that once connected to the PoE router its leds goes red), that does not appear on the IPCAM original setup wizard niether in the router...
  7. E

    SOLVED: setup VTO2101E-P + VTH5221DW-C + NVR4104-P-4KS2

    Hi All, Setup: NVR = (within the IPv4 range of own network-router/wifi) connected with router IPC1 = Port 1 (within the IP range of the switch (of the NVR)) connected with the NVR VTO1 = Port 2 (within the IP range of the switch (of the NVR)) connected with...
  8. F

    Basic admin for SRICam devices

    Hi All As a new correspondent here, and reading the many related posts, I am aware that the purists amongst you frown on SRICam devices. In spite of this, I have one indoor SP005 and three outdoor SP007 devices running fine, wirelessly and motion-activated, under Blue Iris (excellent software)...
  9. S

    IP Cameras with build in servers v/s NVRs with build in server

    Hello, We are a small start up working with a bunch of IP Cameras. Our requirement is to pull IP Camera stream to AWS. We achieved this after playing around with a bunch of IP Cameras from various different companies. our main issue, we encountered was configuring the IP Camera for port...
  10. C

    Help with reconfiguring Hikvision DS-2CD2532FIS in BI

    Hi. I have been struggling for a while to restore my Hik 2532 config in BlueIris. It failed around the time (may or may not be related) that I tested out the Synology SS option - silly me! In any case it hasn't worked since about that time and I constantly see a "No Signal" error. I haven't...
  11. I

    Hardware Review for 7 Camera Setup + DR

    So I have a NUC setup with the following i5-4250U CPU @ 1.30 Ghz 8GB RAM 4TB WD Elements connected via USB for recording 256GB SSD for OS and Blue Iris Configuration to sit on. Windows 10 The NUC doesn't perform any other operation apart from this and running a Plex server which is not used...
  12. H

    Manuals/Resources for setup of DH-IPC-HDBW13A0EN-W?

    I have a couple of DH-IPC-HDBW13A0EN-W cameras and have set up motion detection - which is SORT OF working...but I am only getting partial recording. I need help with configuration and I can't find clear guides/manuals. I am a newbie and don't even know what 'snapshot' means (just as an example...
  13. WxCam

    Unable to change DS2-CD2042WD-I settings via API

    I am attempting to automate Hikvision camera configuration using the Hikvision IPMD XML API. My camera is a model DS-2CD2042WD-I. I am able to retrieve camera data using any of the documented services, but my attempts to change field values are failing. I copied the XML block from a GET of...
  14. B

    Direct to disk questions

    I'm curious about the real world experience of those using this configuration since I've seen more than a few recommendations of using this to bring down CPU usage. What kind of I/O throughput didn't work for you and what did you do to fix it? Increase spindle count? Change raid type? Assuming...
  15. terraranger

    Can't Save and Config Changes

    Hey folks. Acquired a DH-IPC-HDBW54A1EN-Z Issue 1 is that I cannot change most settings from the web console. I get an error with a red stop indicator and dialog saying "save failed!". I've not been able to figure out what is going on here. Device Type: DH-IPC-HDBW54A1EN-Z Software Version...
  16. JimLudden

    iVMS-4200 on Mac OS X

    I have a DS-2CD3T35-I5 which has taken me three days (off and on) to get 'working'. I can see the image in Safari locally, and in iVMS-4500 on my iPhone remotely. However, using iVMS-4200 v1.02.03.02 on my Mac, I can see this device as online and Active, but cannot Main View the image. I do not...
  17. D

    Can I move license for BI?

    This might be a dumb question, but I was testing BI and it seems to work well for us. Howerver the trial has ended. I am going to get a license but I don't have the final hardware ready yet. Can I add the license to the machine I was testing, and when I have the new machine in a month or so move...
  18. A

    HikVision DS-7616NI-SE/P

    Purchased a Hikvision NVR and 13 Hikvision cameras from AiiExpress a few weeks ago. I still can't get the system configured and any suggestions would be very welcome. I tried to get help from the US Hikvision site, but they won't support devices not purchased from their approved US suppliers...
  19. R

    Configuration to disable detetion movement while visits

    Hi everyone. Is there any way to disable virtual crossline and intrusion detetion, apart from obviously, disabled both in the configuration? because i don´t want to reconfigure them after the visit.... Thanks so much
  20. D


    Hello there, Hoping someone can help me. Recently purchased a Dahua IPC-HFW2100S-V2, running software version 2.210.0000.3.R, build : 2014-04-16. The issue I am seeing is, the 1.3MPixel and 264H option are missing from the configuration menu. Does anyone have a current or ealier firmware...
  21. W

    Strange Firefox Behavior (Solved)

    Something very strange happened. I have been using Firefox to view/control several Hikvisions. Suddenly today, I was unable to load the "Configuration" page on one of the cameras. I could view the camera's video, as well as the "playback" and "log" tabs at the top, but clicking the...
  22. Y

    Your Profile Setup?

    Hello All, Im a new BI user and I'm struggling with how I'm going to setup my profiles. It not that I don't understand how they work, it's more that there are so many possibilities. I was thinking it would be helpful if everyone would post a reply with how they have theirs setup. It might...
  23. mdp716

    Linksys WVC54GCA Cannot connect in Blue Iris

    Greets all, I cannot seem to connect to my Linksys WVC54GCA camera from Blue Iris. I have an evaluation version of Security Monitor Pro and I also have a Vera 3 Home Automation controller and both of them are able to acquire video from this camera so I am pretty sure that I am using a valid...