1. chspyder

    Dont Get Boxes Around Person And Car DS on Ubuntu

    I cant get the boxes with person % and car % and so on from BI with another PC running DS on Ubuntu. Is it that it cannot send the info back to windows BI? I know Home Assistant works fine doing DS on another machine. Thanks!
  2. chspyder

    Face Detection on Ubuntu

    How the heck can I train or add faces to BI with Deepstack running on another Ubuntu machine? I have had zero luck with this, even if I just want the faces detected to be returned it returns nothing. (I do know it works fine when running DS on windows, but eats processor) Thanks Chspyder
  3. Buttan Butt

    Various arguments in favour of and against running DeepStack on a separate host

    Hi there! I haven't really seen any discussion about the pros and cons of running DeepStack locally (same host as BI runs at) vs running it on a different host in the LAN. Currently I'm running DeepStack locally but I'm tempted to set it up on a different host as a Docker image. The reason is...
  4. Buttan Butt

    DeepStack fails to find any object if the triggering source is ONVIF

    Guys, I have a small problem and I just can't solve it by myself. Please tell me if you think you have any ideas how to get things working again. Blue Iris is at version Due to many changes lately I can't say at what point my problems started. Currently I'm using the Blue Iris built...
  5. yffud

    Blueiris added direct support for Deepstack AI

    Latest Blueiris update from March 31st adds direct support for Deepstack AI 5.4.0 - March 31, 2021 Support for DeepStack integration (without the separate AI Tools package) via new Settings AI page. DeepStack may be used for object classification to confirm alerts containing persons...
  6. K

    Last Watch AI - a new platform-independent AI tool with web interface

    Introducing Last Watch AI akmolina28/last-watch-ai is yet another open source tool for glueing Blue Iris to Deepstack AI, inspired by gentlepumpkin's AI tools. I created this tool last year to address some of the gaps and frustrations I was experiencing with the other Deepstack tools...
  7. C

    License plate detection, crop, and save

    Hello, This could be useful to any tinkers with cars passing by their camera (either with or without a full LPR solution already - such as openalpr / license plate reader.) I did this because my setup was challenging to catch every plate that went by in a single image (yes, it probably could...