1. U

    Amcrest AD110 chime options with DC instead of AC?

    Hi everyone, I plan on buying the Amcrest doorbell, but I can't find any electronic chimes that would work since they all run on 8-12V AC here in Germany, while the doorbell runs on 16-24V AC or 12-24V DC. I wouldn't mind hardware modifications and some tinkering, but I'm out of Ideas at the...
  2. GentlePumpkin

    [info thread] Searching "the" best IP Camera Module

    I'd like to ask you to tell your experience with IP Camera modules from Aliexpress, Banggood and Co. I would like to collect all useful information and - with your aid - continously update this post with important things to look for, sources to buy and realistic sample images. Everything...
  3. G

    Hik-Vision (DS-7208) cloud backup with Hik-Connect "platform access"?

    Hi, I am new to Hik-Vision stuff and CCTV security systems in general. However, I am absolutely not new to networking and coding and cloud computing stuff. I have set up one DVR unit model DS-7208HGHI-F1 / N with 4 of 8 cameras connected. I can access it directly on the LAN to see the cameras...
  4. TL1096r

    What are you using/doing to make your camera more secure?

    There are a lot of great threads that talk about securing you camera but some of the step by step instructions that really help the noobs like myself are mixed around. I wanted to make a thread to share my experience with setting up stunnel so it is all in one place. ----- Knowing why you...
  5. donalamala

    Hello People! Need help deciding on surveillance system

    I am not techno challenged, and I desperately need to upgrade my surveillance system. I don't want to break the bank but I don't want junk either. I have been reading too much and over researching, please help
  6. Mojave66

    Hi from San Diego; not new to ip cams, but trying to learn more

    I've lurked in this forum for a bit now and like what I see. Thanks for having this! I've been running a completely DIY system for the last few years. I really haven't done much research. Just scrapped together cameras over time, first to keep an eye on old cats, now to keep an eye on the house...
  7. B

    Making my own PoE switch

    I have purchased 6 piece HAC-HFW2221R-Z-IRE6, and will use Cat5 wire to connect. Therefore I have purchased the following video balun. Cameras came without power supply, which I think is standard. I know they are are 12v but I can't find anywhere how many Amp the power supply should be...
  8. A

    Raspberry Pi as an IP Camera for BI

    Has anyone been able to use a Raspberry Pi or Pi Zero with the Camera module to act as an IP Camera for Blue Iris? I understand the latest V2 camera module has very good resolution. I am having a horrible time finding good doc on selecting and configuring the right software that would work well...
  9. I

    45-60 camera setup BI

    We are in the process of upgrading our DVR's to something a little more playful. I have a bit of a background with Blue Iris, but have never idealized an array of this magnitude. I am planning on making all of the cameras (45-60 cams) 10 fps @ 720p resolution. I am curious if I could build a...
  10. A

    Did I waste my money on Cisco POE Switch? Seeking NVR sollution

    Recently remodeled house and ran cat 6 throughout house (inside /outside). Wify let me setup an IT closet so have ups, switch, sonos, hue, hdmi matiix with simple control software in small rack. I setup a cisco 28 Gbit poe switch thinking i would connect to ~8 POE IP Cams outside, as well as...
  11. D

    Help with DIY IP WIFI Camera

    Hello, I have a food stall that I want to monitor while I'm in the office so I decided to buy this DIY IP camera kit: And I plan to use it...