1. looney2ns

    Dahua/Empiretech SMD 3.0 firmware for 5442 series of cameras with Smart IR fix. SMD 3.0

    Warning Remember, only update firmware if you feel it may fix an ongoing issue with your cam. There is always the risk of bricking the camera. Update firmware at your own risk. Best Practices 1-Reboot cam 2-Reset to factory defaults 3-Update firmware 4-Reset to factory defaults once again 5-Set...
  2. Jared K

    IPC-HDW2231R-ZS 2MP Starlight - Poor quality at night?

    Hi, all. Newbie here, and to surveillance. Tech background; run an IT consulting company. Finally getting around to setting up cameras (with a QNAP NAS though not applicable here). Setup my IPC-HDW2231 purchased through EmpireTech. It's on night profile. I thought it would be a lot better...
  3. R

    Hello from Carolina

    Glad I found IPcamtalk. I recently purchased two camera's from Empire tech on amazon. I am having difficulty getting the email to work. Not to many details in the box. tried gmail and yahoo. I did read the Wiki, however I have a few general questions How do I contact empire tech for...
  4. G

    Advice on new Dahua setup without NVR

    Hi everyone I am planning a system to monitor a barn where cows that are about to calve and happened across this forum. My main conclusions so far are: Don't buy some cheap no name camera (I heard good things about Dahua) Don't buy a good name camera but with Chinese firmware Eyeball type...
  5. Chocman

    Dahua NVR5216-4KS2 V2 or NVR4216-16P-4KS2 or ?

    I've purchased 3 x Dahua IPC-HDW5831R-ZE (4K 2.7mm ~12mm motorized lens) so far from Empire Technology, who I've nothing but praise for - outstanding customer service! I took the lead from who best to use from other wiser folks (than me) who use this forum, thanks to all who mentioned Empire...
  6. R

    UK delivery from Andy @ EmpireTechnology

    Hello Everyone As a newcomer to IP cameras I've spent the last couple of months absorbing all the information on this site in the hope of making an informed decision about which cameras (have a search for cliff notes, they are very good!) and where to buy them. I've a limited budget and to put...