firmware update

  1. 8edw


    Hi. Recently upgraded one of my IPC-HDW3849H-AS-PV 's to the latest firmware and straight away it started acting funny. going online/offline logging in/out and coming up with failed to find network host. aswell as covering half of the screen with this colourful rainbow static. also its been...
  2. I

    Automatic Update Says I am on the Latest but I am not - Dahua NVR 5xxx

    Hi Everyone, I have a Dahua - DHI-NVR5224-24P-4KS2 and the current version below: Hardware Version - V1.0 System Version - V4.000.0000000.1 Build Date - 09-08-2019 Web Version - V3.2.7.118768 Security Baseline Version V2.0 There is an update on the Dahua site seen below which was released...
  3. lucato

    Firmware update and Preset List from C6F0SoZ3N0PdL2 B8D-WIFI-5MP-5X B8DWIFI5MP5X

    Hi folks I purchased the Nonwee 5MP WIFI Human Detection IR Night Vision Optical Zoom 5X and I'm wondering if somebody got the real preset list for it (not in the CamHi manual that doesn't work) and the latest firmware. If you have it, please post a link to the source or the preset list here...
  4. abodi msarwi

    opinions about Hikvision oem NVR && need some help

    hello guys ! i've recently purchased hikvision oem nvr(dt608-h2/8p) which is the equivalent to (DS-7608Ni-K2/8p) i didn't notice that it was the oem one , i actually didn't care that much until i received it and noticed the difference , its not about that the logos don't appear , but since i'm...
  5. J

    SavvySecu IPC3042WD is actually a HikVision DS-2CD2342-I

    This camera, branded "SavvySecu IPC3042WD 4MP WDR EXIR Turret Network Camera" on, bought from Amazon, is actually an unbranded HikVision DS-2CD2342WD-I. It is also branded as "SavvyPixel 4MP WDR EXIR Turret Network Camera HD Security IP Outdoor/Indoor Dome Camera 1080p IR Cube...
  6. J

    HikVision DS-2CD2042WD-I update tips

    tl;dr you may have to "Reset all the parameters, except the IP ..." to upgrade. I was having problems upgrading to the latest firmware. Firmware upgrade attempts resulted in "firmware upgrade failed" (some message like that). If the camera was reset using "Reset all the parameters, except the...
  7. A

    Upgrading failed after installing firmware

    Hello, I've installed the firmware for serial number : and it fails. I've tried using the webpage, batch configuration utility and also IVMS-4200 and all say the same. The firmwares have been downloaded from ...
  8. RobF

    Hiseeu HB612 cam firmware release

    Yes yes, I know cheap garbage blah blah blah. For what I need this cam for it does the job and they were inexpensive. I currently have 5 of these cams. The only real annoying issue, one cam has v4.00 firmware while the rest have v5.00. If I attempt to update via the cam interface, it states...
  9. S

    Please Help: Upgrading chinese DS-7608N-E2 NVR Firmware

    I have an old Chinese DS-7608N-E2/8P with hacked to English firmware (v3.0.5 Build 140508). I would like to upgrade the firmware so I can use newer h265 cameras. I understand the following from reading this forum (please correct me if I have this wrong): The latest version I can upgrade to is...
  10. P

    Missing "run" command on hisilicon U-Boot 2010.6

    Hey Folks, searched lots of threads but did not find an answer yet... have two bricked IPCAMs from ieGeek 1080p which I try to update via UART Interface: System startup U-Boot 2010.06 (Nov 27 2017 - 16:15:12) Check Flash Memory Controller v100 ... Found SPI Nor(cs 0) ID: 0xc8 0x40 0x18...
  11. E

    hikvision OEM firmware

    where can i download hikvision oem (not branded) firmware?? do u know any web site
  12. M

    Camera language question and firmware upgrade

    I am planning to pull the trigger on purchasing 3 HikVision cameras. Is there any way I can tell, by looking at the camera details, if the camera is the english language version (and a firmware upgrade wont reset the language settings back to Chinese), or if it a modified firmware that has...