opinions about Hikvision oem NVR && need some help

Aug 24, 2019
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hello guys !
i've recently purchased hikvision oem nvr(dt608-h2/8p) which is the equivalent to (DS-7608Ni-K2/8p)
i didn't notice that it was the oem one , i actually didn't care that much until i received it and noticed the difference , its not about that the logos don't appear , but since i'm an updating- firmware freak i was shocked that the oem doesn't have the same firmware as the original equivalent , and that its not update-able ,
i thought about flashing the original hikvision DS-7608Ni-k2/8p firmware but i feared that i would break it by doing this ? so what do you think guys , tell me ur opinions if that is possible (i actually thought about having at least a copy of the oem firmware, so in case it gets bricked i would use the batch-configuration tool , but unfortunately i couldn't find any oem firmware on the internet )

i'm just pissed of by the fact that its oem version , the seller managed somehow by the advertising method to sell me this without noticing ( the ad claims that the oem version is the new one and the original one is old , it also claims that the oem is upgradeable ..) so that caught my attention and therefore got the oem :(.