1. J

    Servicing systems

    Hello all new guy here. My question is this, why am I seeing such a ridiculously high return for service tickets coming across my desk? Ive installed DVRs and NVRs for a few years now but ever since dalhua and Hikvision have come around it seems like my phone rings two to three times a day...
  2. slafino

    Licence plate car night

    Hi, I recently bought a camera that is not an official Hikvision brand, but I read that this camera is made by Hikvision.The image is also beautiful zooming in and out, but at night the license plates of the vehicles are not visible. The marks shine, I tried a few settings a bit it got better...
  3. B

    Hik Connect continuous liveview

    Hi, Using Hik Connect app on Anroid and IOS. The liveview stops after some time and I have to tap the screen to get it going again. Can this be configured to show liveview continuously? Thanks /blouberg
  4. ruwan

    Hikvison Camera Recording in both NAS and NVR

    I have Hikvsion Camera Setup and NAS Storage, I need to Set Camera Main Stream Recordings to NVR and Substream to NAS, Can anyone guide me to do that???
  5. azzzz

    Hikvision SDK - Generation HeatMap

    Hi everyone. I am creating a C ++ project that uses a HikVision DS-2CD63C5G0-IVS (12MP) camera. I want to get information about HeatMap. According to HCNetSDK, you should: The segments marked in green were made by me: Have any of you created any more connections to get information...
  6. RML

    Conflicting IP’s

    I recently replaced an 8 port NVR with a 16 and added 6 more cameras. Disconnected old nvr and hooked all of the previous cameras and new cameras. Only the new cameras are now showing up with the exception of one previous camera but the POE is recognizing all the cameras. I was told by tech...
  7. Matthew Sclera

    Can a White Label (OEM) NVR use Hikvision Firmware

    I posted this is another thread, and decided to post in a new thread. I am new to forums and am seeking assistance. Thanks. With that said ... I saw that my employer has decided to begin using Hikvision gear and they had a new Firmware that was super user friendly and the login could also use...
  8. sirtronics

    Newbee help trying to setup web page to access cameras

    I have a touch screen and using the ivms4500 is a problem the touch area is too small and people keep screwing it up, this is in a childcare center. I am trying to write a web page or script so on the right side i can have a class name and when someone touches it they get a live view of the 2...
  9. M

    Reverse engineering Hikvision DVR firmware

    I have been wanting to take apart my Hikvision DVR (DS-7204 HGHI-SH) and I have finally begun by using the hikpack tool by @montecrypto amoungst several others (binwalk, mkcramfs, bless) Firstly hikpack doesn't directly support this DVR but I have got round that mostly... but this is where I...
  10. J

    HIKVision DS-2CD2032F Bricked

    Hi all, I was having problems with SMB on my 2032 and thought it would be a good idea to upgrade it, not realising it was a Chinglish version. I now realise the error of my ways as despite following the help offered on this forum, I still do not have a camera that works. A couple of things I...
  11. molb

    Wierd Email Problem - hikvision

    Had my hikvison ip cam, DS-2CD2035-I, now for a month or so. I have set up the email and everything works fine, getting all the alerts. But then this have happend to me twice, i notice that i didnt get any alert in my inbox. Log in to the webinterface and all email settings was gone, AND even...
  12. V

    HIKVISON ds-2cd2132-i unreachable in browser or SADP tool

    HIKVISON ds-2cd2135F-iS unreachable in browser or SADP tool Good day Friends, I have a ds-2cd2135F-iS (the 2015 version ) that i reset using the hardware button inside. After the reset the camera is unreachable in the browser or in the SAPD tool. I have set my router to router My...
  13. dmsims

    DS-2CD2332-I adjusting Pan tilt etc

    I managed to get the trim ring off :) and am now searchingfor how to physically adjust the pan tilt etc. Nothing in the book that came with the camera, and nothing I can find on the USA or Worldwide Hikvison sites It seems very stiff and I don't want to force it