Can a White Label (OEM) NVR use Hikvision Firmware

Apr 8, 2018
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I posted this is another thread, and decided to post in a new thread. I am new to forums and am seeking assistance. Thanks.

With that said ...

I saw that my employer has decided to begin using Hikvision gear and they had a new Firmware that was super user friendly and the login could also use a pattern to Log-In instead of using Alpha/Numerics and the background was also updated - I do not know the version build.

I bring all this up to see if anyone herein would happen to know the Firmware build I am referring to and if I could simply use the Hikvision Firmware instead of waiting for you Super Circuits to get off their buttocks and do something. I am also planning on reaching out to Super Circuits, but at the date and time of this post, they are closed.

In addition, if anyone herein also would know which Hikvision my White Label Super Circuits NVR is and let me know, that would also be useful. They call the NVR a WL-N16P. I've posted their URL to the product below:

>>> Supercircuits Plug-and-play 16-Channel NVR[cT0xNzk5]

In closing - One more thing, I noticed today, that even though this is a 16 channel NVR with POE built-in, I also saw the preview out in the interface would be twice that I.O.W. 32 channels displayed. I am assuming this NVR would record 32 channels, but a external switch on the NVR or cameras plugged directly on the network would be the ONLY way to see/use a total of 32. If anyone would know this, that would be welcoming as well. Nothing in my provided manuals described this.

BTW - Yes, I will also be checking with Super Circuits on this too and if/when I hear back from Super Circuits, I'll post their reply here.

Thank you for allowing me to post my question and seek an answer/s -- Yes, If I only knew more about the White Label (OEM) distributor/supplier, and them using using/selling Hikvision products, I would've purchased / acquired Hikvision labeled gear to begin with. My two new cams are directly from Hikvision and they are their 4MP mini-PTZ dome and they're great. I only wish they had IR, but they see the IR's nicely from my White Label Hikvision 4/5 MP fixed cams and the 5K lights on the outside of the home.