1. W

    Reolink Duo 2 cameras lose user accounts frequently

    I have 2 Reolink Duo 2 cameras that we have been using for nearly 2 years. While that are not great at night time motion capture, they have otherwise worked decent for us and the super wide FOV is just what we need. Over the past 6 months or so, that have started losing their user accounts...
  2. J

    Reolink Cameras

    I always hear all the pros bashing out Reolink. Just wondering what everyone’s experience is good or bad and why people don’t like Reolink.
  3. K

    Solar charged battery for Reolink RLC-510A Wireless Camera

    Has anyone tested one of these as the power source for a Reolink RLC-510A (or similar) wireless camera? The Reolink specifies 12v @ 1A - so it should, in theory, work. WDYT? Thanks!
  4. K

    Need Help Connecting Lorex Bullet Cameras (E841CA ) to Reolink NVR (RLN36)

    The RLN36 came in yesterday and my first order of business was to replace the current Lorex NVR with the Reolink NVR and add the switch in between. The switch is POE+ with 30 watts per port. So to start I took a few of the current Lorex cameras ethernet wires out of the Lorex NVR and plugged...
  5. K

    Reolink RLC-510WA rtsp onvif add to Cobra NVR

    Before I mess with BlueIris or some alternative I'm testing things out ... I own a Cobra 4k NVR. It currently hosts two hard wired Cobra cams and two Reolink RLC-410W wifi cams. One Reolink connects via the main router - the other via the same model router (in AP mode), both are working...
  6. M

    Reolink is bad, but is Annke better?

    Hi, I'd like to buy my very first POE cameras for my recent Blue Iris server build. Where I live, Reolink and Annke seem to be the only two viable options. Most other brands commonly mentioned here are either unavailable, overpriced, or sold through small websites I'd rather not rely on...
  7. D

    Using Ankke NC800 With Reolink NVR or Reolink 12mp cam with Ankke NVR?

    I'm shopping for a solution. I'm not sure what the hikvision equivlent is maybe id find better results searching that but has anyone been able to get Ankke NC800 working on reolink nvr. The reolink stuff seems to have really good day quality but i'm looking for a better nightvision solution...
  8. C

    Reolink 811a + Duo Floodlight POE Spotlight time limit?

    I've been noticing when I setup my Reolink cameras with Home Assistant that after I have the spotlight become triggered by a button, IE someone is going outside and wants the spotlights on so they manually enable them, the lights only stay on for 3 minutes or so. Do we know if this is a built...
  9. Mark_M

    Reolink, Hikvision and Amcrest reliability- mentioned by Lawrence Systems

    Video in question: Spoiler - graph of failure rates: Why is quality important? Also a mention about divided opinions on various forums. This video gives numbers on failure rates and opinion. Numbers don't lie unless they are a lie. A summary and quoting his opinion for each brand...
  10. MikeFromCanmore

    Reolink Hardware

    I just tore down a Reolink RLC-510WA WiFi CAM since one of the 5 buck switching power supplies on the main PCBA was in need of repair. Yes there are FIVE 5! SMPS on the main PCBA of RLC510WA and two LINEAR regulators. But I digress. Can anyone help me identify the SMPS controller chip in the...
  11. B

    Reolink Cameras and NVR Issues

    I am looking to purchase my first PoE camera and NVR set for my new house. I am capable of running the ethernet cables and have a place where the NVR can be located out of the way. The issue I am running into is connecting the NVR to my router in a different room. My internet is fiber optic and...
  12. mdp716

    WANTED - Reolink Mounting Plate

    I am in need of a mounting plate for a Reolink D800 Camera (see attached image). I am of the belief that it is the same part for all of the following cameras: RLC-520 RLC-522 D800 RLC-520A RLC-820A RLC-822A I reached out to Reolink to inquire about a replacement and their...
  13. Mgierhart23

    NVR keeps changing IP of camera

    I have a Flir dnr700. I have a total of 18 Reolink 410w cameras. There are 11 buildings with cameras. My main modem is in Building 2 NVR is in building 1 I have 3 cameras on building 1, all hardwired into NVR via Ethernet cable. All other cameras will be added via p2p’s and switches, back to...
  14. C

    ONVIF compatibility between POE camera / NVR setup

    HI all. I have a Lorex POE 5 camera system with NVR looking to add a WIDE ANGLE camera (as opposed to PTZ) by mounting to the chimney. I have been reading about the REOLINK DUO for a wide angle camera but I'm wondering about compatibility, Lorex said 'don't use any cameras other than ours'...
  15. J

    Church project ~ 5-25 camera's

    I support my church and looking in to moving from my 2 Unifi cam's and going with a NVR set up. I use BI for home use, so I figure why not for church. To start, probably looking at 5 outdoor camera's and then inside (20+) next year or so. That being said, have any of you either install a set up...
  16. kjelle392

    Reolink Lumus & Blue Iris

    Hello Got 2 new cameras yesterday, but having a big struggle getting them to work with Blue Iris. I just can't get any signals from them i BI - but in the Reolink-app they work fine. Can anyone help me?
  17. F

    How is Reolink App cellular access possible?

    I have just plugged a Reolink camera into my router and downloaded the Reolink app to my Android device. As expected I can access the camera from the app while my device is connected to the same LAN as the camera. But to my surprise the camera is also accessable over Cellular, with Wifi...
  18. A

    Reolink E1 Pro PTZ doesn't work on Blue Iris (offical Response)

    just wanted to post it here for anyone googling the same question still searching for good quality WiFi PTZ Camera that works with Blue Iris Unfortunately, Amcrest is a bit expensive and only in the US
  19. Y

    ReoLink 820A Multistream Framrate Issues

    Ordered an 820A the other week, noticed that when I add the camera to BI with two streams as individual cameras, substream @ 480 for 24/7 recording, main stream for motion recording @ 4k, the main stream framerate drops to almost zero. If I remove the substream, the main stream frame rate picks...
  20. A

    Tips Reolink Camera Optimization - substreams

    Here are a few tips if you have Reolink cameras and Blue Iris. I have RLC-520's but this should work with others as well. Go to - Camera settings - video 1st, DO NOT enable "Limit decoding unless required" This option checked will cause all kinds of issues. 2nd, Enable "hardware acceleration...
  21. A

    Brightness range in Blue Iris 1-15 is not reflected in the camera as minimum to maximum

    I am trying to control the camera brightness from a day-night schedule. I have a few different cameras but mainly Reolink RLC-520 Cameras. The issue is when I change the brightness from Blue Iris the range is 1-15. At the set minimum brightness (1) the camera brightness is at 0% on the...
  22. P

    SV3C POE dome cameras infrared failure

    Hello, I have purchased 2 SV3C POE dome cameras and under a year both cameras infrared lights have failed. For my info, is this brand a good purchase, because I find it weird that both would fail in such a sort time when all my other POE dome cameras have been working consistantly without...
  23. B


    Just bought the 2 pack of 5mp reolink super HD cameras because I need evidence of the stupid cow next door that’s harassing me, she’s just thrown a handful of stones at my kitchen window whilst I’m standing here, there’s no point in me going to the Police because me witnessing it is not...
  24. theORCHARD

    Is There An App For ChromeBook Available To Use For Any IP Camera?

    Hey guys and girls. As the title says, Is There An App For ChromeBook Available To Use For Any IP Camera? I have a "Reolink PoE IP Camera 5MP Super HD Home Security Camera" I want to use with the CB laptop. Here's an Amazon link to the the product.
  25. Alistair Hardy


    So, Amazon have started pushing this brand on me and their website seems to up to date with current website trends. Has anyone had any experience with them? Looking at the Reolink C2 to replace my Foscam R2 at the moment
  26. J

    Storage Error and camera Encoding reset

    Hi, I've a working BI with continuous recording set up for 3 cameras. I've install BI on a SSD and I'm recording on 2 drives: One for a RLC423 and a RLC410 (reolink) Another one with only another RLC411 The problem is: I've got these error messages with F:// -150GB and E:// -250GB (I've already...
  27. T

    Unimpressed by Reolink kit - want 4 camera setup for home

    Hi there! I am in the UK. We currently have one Logitech Circle and one Logitech Circle2. Fed up with some features of it, I recently bought this Reolink 5MP kit for £370 from Amazon. The specs seemed to have almost everything I was looking for on paper...
  28. N

    Blue Skying for ideas

    I have 16 cameras all running at around 10 fps. CPU usage generally runs around 50 to 80%. (Computer is a Dell Inspiron with 32 GB RAM and Intel i7-6700 CPU running at 3.41 mHz) The problem started after I updated to Windows 10. About 2 months ago my SSD died and was replaced. I thought...
  29. M

    File size on files on IP cam recordings?

    Have one Synology server and a pair of IP cameras. Reolink and Foscam IP camera starts when it comes motion before cameras. Why are all recorded files between 11mb to 25mb. Why are not the files bigger, in one file? Duration from 15sec to 1min. Why are they not in a file / size? How to get in...
  30. truetaurus

    How can I embed a RLC-410 in a web page?

    I want to embed a live video feed stream from my RLC-410 camera. But struggle to get this done. I am using VLC to try to connect to my IP camera (reolink): When I use this: rtsp://admin:admin@local_ip_address It works and connects fine. However when I use this...