smart tracking

  1. K

    Hikvision Smart Tracking Triggered By Line Cross Detection?

    Hi all, Got a question about the smart tracking feature with in the Hikvision dark fighter I have purchased, I have setup the relevant settings for the line crossing to trigger the smart tracking and also done the configuration on the PTZ settings for the smart tracking. I have noticed that the...
  2. adame

    DS-2DF8225IX-AEL PTZ smart tracking issue

    HI, I've installed the Hikvision DS-2DF8225IX-AEL PTZ at home. Bought it new, but off of eBay, so there's no support. I've having issues with smart tracking which loses track of a target after a few second and then goes back to its preset position. When tracking it seems to struggle to focus...
  3. V

    Recomendation needed for camera hardware under $200 !!!!

    Hi, I am currently working on my centrally connected Smart-Home project. The is based on automating the full house with cloud machine learning algorithms & voice controlled AI. For the project I need IP cameras installed in all rooms & outside the house. Their task would be to be to send the...
  4. M

    Hickvision smart tracking versus auto tracking

    First post. Thanks! A bit thick headed. For PTZ. Need help understanding smart tracking versus auto tracking. It appears "auto" tracking can monitor a pre-defined region, at rest, or a scanned region while on patrol, and if motion is detected, the camera will zoom into the object causing...