1. scottgerry32

    SMD on Wifi Series (IPC-HFW1430DS-SAW)- opinions?

    Hello there, I've had my eye on the wifi Series because it would spare me some money/trouble on cables extension ( particularly the IPC-HFW1430DS-SAW), and noticed that it had Smart Motion Detection (but only for humans), which suites me just fine since I would point it to my garden. Anyone else...
  2. Seriyyy95

    Dahua XVR, FTP and SMD

    Hi everyone. I have Dahua DH-XVR5104C-4KL-I3 XVR. I want to back up all records with humans (found by SMD) to the FTP server. My device can upload only all video, or video recorded by event (motion detection) but there is no dedicated option for smart motion detection. I will stick a screenshot...
  3. ermac

    Dahua NVR recommendation: DHI-NVR5216-16P-4KS2E vs DHI-NVR5216-8P-I

    I am running a hybrid system of 16 cams (11 WizMind IP cams and 5 HDCVI cams) currently all connected to a XVR (DH-XVR5216-4KL-I2) The XVR gives the HDCVI cams WizSense AI but I cannot recored on SMD for the IPs or get push notifications for any AI alerts through the XVR. Only solution is to...
  4. H

    Dahua (Andy) and Blue Iris(Deepstack)

    Hi All, do not know if its the right place or if it should be in the Dahua section, but here it goes :) I just bought 6 IPC-HDW5442TM-AS (Andy version) and added them to my Blue Iris system, so fare a happy owner of both the cams but also the software :D By question is, I have been reading a lot...
  5. E

    Feature requests & issues

    So I have been searching for an official dahua forum or feature request Page but have had no luck. So I figured I'd post something here to get others thoughts on some ideas and issues I've come across using dahua systems. So my experience with dahua has been good overall, but the android DMSS...
  6. C

    Ivs vs SMD and the length of detection

    Hi there Thinking about using a 5 series dahua cameras for my companys outdoor area that needs to be protected. Can't decide what analytics I should go for. Should I go for the ivs human detection or smd? The important part is that I want as little false alarm as possible. And with the...