1. O

    FOR SALE - Brand New, sealed: LUM-510-NVR-8CH

    This unit is BRAND NEW and SEALED from the manufacturer and includes a 1 TB hard drive as well as all other factory provided accessories. This NVR is the newest 8 channel model. I purchased this unit for a client 1 month ago, and that client has decided to go with a 16 channel LUMA NVR instead...
  2. Craig Conrad

    Audio Recording Notices

    I see many people talking about recording video AND audio from their enabled cameras. In most (all?) states in the United States, it is illegal to do audio surveillance or recording if you are not one of the interacting parties. I don't *know*, but I assume that if you notify people of the...
  3. TJH132

    Synology Surveillance Station Stress test?

    Looking at the Synology DS1019+ NAS to consolidate some of my media and ipcam needs. To pass the wife test, it must be able to continuously record 4 1080p cams with Surveillance Station, play a 4k movie from Plex and record one TV show with HDHomerun record engine. Is it more a CPU thing or...
  4. Y

    Dahua video IP intercom kit with Synology Surveillance station horrible sound

    Hi all, When i configure my kit, almost default except network, admin password and language all is working fine. However, when configuring Surveillance station (Synology 413j) to connect to my VTO2000A as a security cam. which is also working great, when i answer a door call it's not possible...
  5. M

    File size on files on IP cam recordings?

    Have one Synology server and a pair of IP cameras. Reolink and Foscam IP camera starts when it comes motion before cameras. Why are all recorded files between 11mb to 25mb. Why are not the files bigger, in one file? Duration from 15sec to 1min. Why are they not in a file / size? How to get in...
  6. T

    Camera Surface Block

    Hey all, I couldn't find a surface block that I really liked so I made my own. I made it high enough to hold any cords and made it pretty thick so it doesn't warp any. So if you have a 3d printer and looking for a decent mount for a camera check this out. Surface Block for Outdoor Cameras...
  7. luisrodz

    New DYI guy with new project

    Hi, I've been browsing your forum for a while looking for ideas for my new built house. I did some pre-wiring before the drywall was placed trying to avoid some headaches after moving in. Is one-story house with a bonus room upstairs (does this make it a two-story house?) Well, I was thinking...
  8. D

    What are your thoughts on your video surveillance system?

    Hi All, I'm doing a survey as part of my computer science coursework and would really appreciate any help. Unfortunately, I have no other selling points to entice you further in to taking the survey other than: you get to use your keyboard and your computer, and you get to think for a bit...
  9. A

    blueiriscmd - A Python cmd tool for interfacing to the Blue Iris API

    I discovered this awesome project by Magnus Appelquist who constructed a python script he calls blueiriscmd, that allows you to send commands to Blue Iris via HTTP to read status, trigger events, change profile etc all from the command line or embed the python code into your own python scripts...
  10. C

    Setting up a wifi camera on a network without access to the router

    Hi everybody, I searched the forums but could not find an answer to my questions: I have a small sailing boat on a Greek island and would like to keep an eye on it using a wifi camera. There is a little taverna nearby who kindly provide the network password to their customers of who I am a...
  11. remoras

    PC for remote monitoring and recording from multiple IP Cams?

    Hi people, I want to build a pc with which I'll be able to monitor and record the feeds to an HDD from 12 ip cams from various locations/cities in one screen, I'm based in Greece and my budget is around 350/400 euros or 425 US$. The use of this build will be only for surveillance and...
  12. C

    3tb wd purple not recognized by samsung surveillance system

    Just installed e new 3tb wd purple in my samsung surveillance system and is not recognized like"hdd not installed " what can I do to fix this? Thank you.
  13. NetWorker

    let my gaurd down - ready to fight back with tech

    Long story short, someone come into our home while we there sleeping at 4AM. I don't want this to ever happen again. I'm not wealthy but I'm willing to invest in safety and surveillance. This experience has frightened me. I own a couple of cheap Foscams and they seem OK but instead of buying...
  14. Lebeter

    Addressing Privacy Concerns of Neighbors

    I was reading another thread and this subject, it got me thinking about a few topics that could be expanded on in one thread. An installer doesn't face the repercussions of the installation of a surveillance system with regards to neighbors unless called back to modify the installation to...