web browser access

  1. Bizentech

    Mac User (and most clients are)... Cannot view live stream, full screen, via web page (chrome, safari, firefox, etc) Hikvision NVR

    Hello all, I have tried everything to help my clients view their video feed via the web page. It actually works when viewing all cameras at once on sub stream. but the moment they select just one camera and "blow it up" full screen, sub or main, all is seen is a gray screen and no video...
  2. bekobod1

    How to properly organise stream from multiple ip-cameras to website?

    I am developing a web application in PHP (Laravel) that will be stored on a local server. There are about 50 IP cameras (Dahua ipc-k42a). All cameras are available locally. Cameras also have an SDK. Truth not quite figured out how to integrate it to my web application. There is an HTTP API for...
  3. spe99

    Dahua Web Browser (WebService) stop to working (Freeze)

    Hi, After some minutes of Video playback, Internet Explorer is freezing (all is blocked) and I need to close it with "Task Manager" and open IE again. I don't have another Problem with IE. Only freeze through Web Browser (WebService) . (IE is the last version) Anybody have this Problem ? What...
  4. adamVV

    How to remote view Hikvision System on Web browser?

    Hi, I have the Hikvision DS-7604ni-k1/4p system, I want to be able to view in on a web browser, how would i go about doing this? Thanks.
  5. T

    How to view Dahua cameras without browser plugins

    Browser plugins are going the way of the dodo so how can I view/setup my cameras? Good news, newer cameras and firmware updates for some cameras and NVRs no longer depend on Dahua's plugins. Unfortunately some now depend on Adobe Flash Player, which Adobe plans to kill in 2020. If your camera...
  6. Studioph

    Hikvision Q1 Network PT Camera's will not modify in SADP

    Hi, since a few days I am struggling with my new two HIKVISION Q1 Network PT camera's model DS-2CV2Q21FD-IW With ethernet cables direct to my router the camera's are working via HIK Connect at my smartphone perfect When I start SADP I see both camera's but when I click at the IP address several...