1. D

    Ispy PTZ XML file issues

    hello, i am trying to access the zoom in/out functions on a Foscam R2 using Ispy's XML definition file, I've been beating my head against a brick wall trying to pass cgi commands through the xml file and i'm convinced it's my formatting because i know next to nothing about xml or cgi. passing...
  2. P

    Cant log into Qvis 4MP Mini Dome (EYE-4MP-FW) - This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it

    Hi, Newbie to the forum but looking to see if anyone can help. I’ve a ORPHEUS 8x channel NVR with a mix of Qvis/OynX IP Cameras, one of which I’m having issues with. Qvis 4MP Mini Dome (EYE-4MP-FW). EYE-4MP-FW/FG & MB-4MP-FW Manual Logged onto the camera in default via web browser fine and...
  3. Ron C

    Hikvision DS-KB6003-WIP

    Hello, a bit ago I bought a Hikvision DS-KB6003-WIP wifi doorbell (it actually is a Uniden U-Bell, but internally it seems to be the exact same thing. Initially I had some issues connecting it to an unsecured wifi network (I use cisco accesspoints, and MAC filtering, package inspection...
  4. WxCam

    Unable to change DS2-CD2042WD-I settings via API

    I am attempting to automate Hikvision camera configuration using the Hikvision IPMD XML API. My camera is a model DS-2CD2042WD-I. I am able to retrieve camera data using any of the documented services, but my attempts to change field values are failing. I copied the XML block from a GET of...
  5. D

    New Password Reset for DVR,NVR, CAM Help

    im trying to restore the password of my DVR using SADP with its way of exporting the XML file...there is way i can generate the fixed file to import into the DVR so that i can get the password to defaults? or currently there is no third party tool to do that? thx
  6. S

    how to access motion detection?

    Hello! Anyone know how to access the Dahua cameras motion detection? Like with the hikvision you can go to /IO/outputs/1/status/ to get the xml etc?!?!?!