Hikvision DS-KB6003-WIP

Ron C

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Jun 20, 2019
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Los Alamos, NM, USA

a bit ago I bought a Hikvision DS-KB6003-WIP wifi doorbell (it actually is a Uniden U-Bell, but internally it seems to be the exact same thing.

Initially I had some issues connecting it to an unsecured wifi network (I use cisco accesspoints, and MAC filtering, package inspection, keys). but putting an older firmware version on there, connect it and then upgrade fixes that problem.

Anyway, this doorbell apparently is an ONVIF device (but don't know if it is a 100% onvif compatible), and trying to get it to work and write some code for it (gnc code) to connect to the camera, audio and hopefully motion detector.

I am looking for the soap XML payloads that would work with this camera (I tried a few things) all ports seem to respond somewhat, but I don't get the response I expected from the device.

Is there some XML, URIs etc known and around for this thing? (Uniden and Hikvision barely respond, say they don't support "that".. probably because they want you to use a phone and their cloud, I'd guess.)