Blue Iris Mobile App Camera Black Screen during the day


Oct 8, 2018
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South Carolina
Really strange one here. Blue Iris mobile app has worked just fine. Added a new Hikvision DS-2CD2T85FWD-I5.

The camera works just fine on the server, no issues. On the mobile app I can see the camera working on the all camera field, but when I go to enlarge the camera the screen is solid black. This is where it get strange, it is only during the daytime. Once it gets dusk and all through the night, the cameras view works fine on the mobile app.

Camera has been setup using Generic and Hikvision settings, both have the same effect. Tried another one of the same cameras, and it has the same affect, only during the day is the camera screen black on the moblie app during the day.

Server is running on Windows 10, most up to date version
Mobile app running on Andriod 8.0.0

No other cameras I have run into this issue with the viewable field going black during the day.

Works fine through the webased interface as well. Only on the mobile app does the camera not show me anything during the day.

Anyone else ever run into this issue?