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  1. M

    Mobile Profile/Viewing Suggestions

    Hello, I was hoping I could get help troubleshooting my mobile viewing lag. Using an S10 and the blue iris app, live viewing typically has no issue on LAN or WAN, but viewing recordings is hit or miss. 80% of the time it works with less then 2 seconds delay. Other times though, it takes 5+...
  2. R

    new mobile app launch - make your existing ip cameras smart

    Hello All, I'm new to ipcamtalk and wanted to introduce my new mobile app aiwatch. It's a free mobile app that makes your existing ip camera/nvr/dvr smart with features like, * Intelligent motion detection and alerts. Accurately detect person, animal and vehicles from unwanted motion * 10...
  3. D

    Blue Iris Mobile App Camera Black Screen during the day

    Really strange one here. Blue Iris mobile app has worked just fine. Added a new Hikvision DS-2CD2T85FWD-I5. The camera works just fine on the server, no issues. On the mobile app I can see the camera working on the all camera field, but when I go to enlarge the camera the screen is solid...
  4. S

    Notification if the cameras are down. iDMSS Plus

    Hello everyone. as the title says. I would like to know how to turn on a notification on such event. I get motion detection sometimes when I turn the power off my cameras but only sometimes. The event on the NVR is video loss and I can get an email for that. But I want a notification from the...
  5. D

    Anyone attempt to use FLIR Secure with Dahua NVR

    I am helping a friend build his camera setup and I am looking to leverage getting some Dahua products from @EMPIRETECANDY . I have a Lorex NVR and use the FLIR Secure mobile app. The free version works fine (could it be better? Sure! But that could be said about a lot of things). I am looking at...
  6. M

    Port Forwarding and mobile app

    Hi, I admit I am new at this and have no clue. Wanted to setup a front and back door camera for an elderly family member + old foscam. Setup DS-2CD2355FWD-1 AND DS-2CD2142FWD-1 I was trying to set this up without an NVR to reduce the expense. Unbeknownst to me I bought one regular camera and one...
  7. M

    Port Forwarding and mobile app

  8. just some dude

    Flag and/or protect alerts from Blue Iris mobile app?

    Can this be done from the mobile app? For example, on vacation and an alert shows on my phone and I want to protect from being overwritten it on the Blue Iris PC... Maybe I'm missing something?? Anyone know how?
  9. jwilliams17349

    Genius Vision Mobile App Help

    I have been having much difficulty trying to get the Genius Vision mobile app working away from my local network. I have it set it up and working on my local network; however, away from the mobile network the app just has a constant spinner when clicking on the same connection that was working...
  10. M

    Hikvision NVR - Issues with iVMS & Mobile App

    Hello everyone - i've been a long time browser, first time poster. Recently decided to take the jump and upgrade my system to a Hikvision camera system. Have 16 cameras plugged in and for the most part working. Some background to my system: 1) NVR i'm using 32CH Hikvision DS-7732N-E4/16P...
  11. Jase1

    How to get best Mobile experience?

    Hi Folks, So glad I found this forum. Didn't know so many others had deployed as many IP Cameras and were deep in the NVR and Smart Home world. Yeah! So I've got 12 Dahua POE cams around the house and tired of Bluecherry and other software based NVRs running as VMs in my VM environment. I'm...
  12. T

    Alerts do not show in Mobile

    I apologize in advance - I am new to this. I am not seeing alerts on my mobile device. My mobile device app shows that I have alerts, but when I click into the button to look at them, it is empty. Not sure what I am doing wrong at this point. Could someone please help me? - the Newbie...
  13. R

    McAfee Security Center and BI modile app?

    Hi, I've had BI working on an Windows XP machine for some time and could access my cameras via the BI iOS app remotely with no problems. I've recently purchased a bigger machine with Windows 8 and it came with McAfee Security center ver 13.0. Everthying works except I cannot connect with the...
  14. lojix

    Blue Iris V4 Compatibility With IOS App

    Is anyone using the Blue Iris IOS app with V4? If so is there any known issues or compatibility problems?