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Cam config problem BI Fails to connect to Hikvision cam Error code 80002726


Young grasshopper
Hi there!

Have a Hikvision DS-2CD2142FWD-IS which I can not get connected to BI
Error code 80002726 (failed to connect)

I have updated cam firmware to latest via sadp and it works fine Hikvision live view
Also went through a lengthy vid ensuring the cam was not the problem

On Bi IP cam config Address section all seem correct as compared to hik live view
When I hit "inspect camera" in BI cam/video nothing seems to happen.

(Oh and BI can see the cam recognizing the name top left of the no signal window)

Any ideas guys


IPCT Contributor
1) How is the camera set up on the network, wireless or wired ?
2)Does the data flow from the camera to BI pass thru the router ?
3)How are you providing power to the camera?
4)What is the length of the ethernet run ?
5)Did you desk test the camera with a short premade cable ?
6)Did you make the ethernet cable ?
7) is the camera IP address static
8) is the IP address on the same subnet as BI


Young grasshopper

Thanks very much for your reply Southern Yankie !!!!!

For anyone else with the same prob just reinstall the camera without specifying the model in the :
camera/video /configure / make model section
"inspect now" button and dont put in the camera model

mine now shows under "Make and Model" "RTSP h.s64/Mjpg/Mpeg4" and works ok!
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