1. Z

    Looking for firmware

    Does anyone have firmware version 5.5.113/5.5.114? I couldn't find it on the Internet, I want to reverse it. Camera Model DS-2CD2T43G2-4I
  2. G

    Got Dahua NVR and missing features on some Dahua Cams. Firmware Issue?

    Hey, This is my first post. I was using zone minder for years but recently gave up on it as it was just too awkward to use and maintain. I purchased a Dahua NVR NVR4108-8P-4KS2/L as all my cameras are Dahua. After connecting them up and going about setting them up things like trip wires I...
  3. Elias77

    Hikvision DS-7608NI-I2/8P Aussie Firmware

    I encountered an issue when I upgraded my DS-7608NI-I2/8P NVR to version V4.60.005_220927 from the Hikvision Australia site. Unfortunately, this upgrade ended up bricking my device. Although the NVR is an Australian version and previous versions on the website worked fine, Hikvision has removed...
  4. A

    SSH and Telnet access

    I am looking to buy a low cost IP security camera whose stock firmware allows ssh/telnet access or with basic software and/or port forwarding tweaks (no debug UART wire attachment effort possible for me). Can anyone suggest some cheap (in the range of 2500-3000 INR) available in India that I can...
  5. L

    DS-2CD2347G2-LU Error accessing camera virtual host to upgrade firmware

    I am trying to update the firmware on my Hikvison G2 Camera. I have successfully updated 3/4 which were the C models. However one wasn’t the C model and when i open up the virtual host. It gives me a blank white page: Access Error: 404 -- Not Found Can't locate document: /doc/page/login.asp...
  6. M

    root access to hik cam

    I have a DS-2CD2543G2-IWS Hikvision camera V5.7.12 build 221201. It's SSH access is protected, so, I wish to access its unprotected shell as root. It is using this official firmware from Hikvision. Also, It seems to be the same as this one from Hikvisioneurope. I found this post with a...
  7. D

    Hikvision da-7608ni-i2/8p reboot issue

    Hi everyone, have A weird one that Hikvision support were quite puzzled by, wondering if anyone has faced similar issues before. Sorry for the wall of text below I have upgraded many units and experienced my fair share of mistakes and learned from these over the years. Ie using correct region...
  8. Malvineous

    Where to download firmware source code?

    Hi all, Please correct me if I'm wrong but it seems most Dahua cameras are running Linux internally. This means that the firmware source code must be made available, as this is a legal licensing requirement for using Linux in a commercial product. However I am not having any luck finding...
  9. T

    Hikvision RTMP G5 firmware

    Hi all I write here because I have a problem with new Hikvision firmware for G5 platform. I usually use this type of cameras: DS-2CD2086G2 In the first cameras that I bought, i usually change the firmware with this version...
  10. chunte_actonkl

    Dahua NVR Web Interface text not showing properly after upgrade

    Dear all, I manually upgraded my NVR to the latest firmware on Dahua's website. The last time I upgraded the firmware was in 2019. Subsequent attempts and clicking don't he button didn't reveal any new firmware. Hence, after I found a new version on the website today, I did a manual upgrade...
  11. I

    Boot Loop after Firmware DH_NVR5XXX-4KS2_MultiLang_V4.002.0000000.5.R.220729

    Hi Everyone, I have an NVR5224-24P-4KS2 and needed to update the firmware as we were having problems accessing the unit from any browser other than Internet Explorer. We ran the DH_NVR5XXX-4KS2_MultiLang_V4.002.0000000.5.R.220729 Firmware and now the unit simply gets stuck at the boot screen...
  12. C

    Hikvision Firmware - Downgrade Block Overcome

    Hey! I have an Hikvision DS-2CD2143G2 camera running V5.7.10 firmware. My goal is to be able to downgrade the firmware to at least V5.5.x Using TFTP, I've managed to downgrade the firmware down to V5.7.1 but, looks like Hikvision has the downgrade block active when I try downgrading to V5.5.x...
  13. H

    DS-9632NI-I8 Firmware Update (Bricked)

    Hi All, I did a rookie mistake and updated my DS-9632NI-I8 firmware to the most recent (v4.5xxx) downloaded from Hikvision website. I failed to verify if the NVR was currently on 3.42 prior. Anyhow, the update went thorugh just fine, however the username drop down when connected directly to...
  14. T

    Questions about Hikvision G3 & G5 platforms

    First question I have is about the DS-2CD23X7G2. Can the ones without the strobe light (LU) be set to activate the light when motion is detected. I heard that some firmware versions had the feature but not sure about the latest one. I'd like to know for both the G3 and G5. Second question I...
  15. M

    Flash Ezviz C3N IP camera to Hikvision firmware

    Hi everyone. I am wondering if it's possible to flash an Ezviz C3N outdoor IP camera to (a suitable) Hikvision firmware? Has anyone tried/achieved this before on this type of camera? I know Ezviz cameras are basically rebranded Hikvision, and I've added them to Hikvision NVRs just fine using the...
  16. chribonn

    How to update the firmware the firmware of the HikVision DS-2CD1143G0

    Hello, Can someone direct me on how to update the firmware of the above cameras please? I tried iVMS-4200 v but the browse button on the web page that comes up is not working (ActiveX issue?). Attempt to perform the update using the web interface of the camera also fails. Thanks
  17. F

    firmware IPC-HDW2320R-ZS

    Cześć. Potrzebuję oprogramowania układowego do kamery ipc-hdw2320r-zs. Proszę pomóż . Witam. Potrzebuję firmware do kamery ipc-hdw2320r-zs Proszę o pomoc.
  18. D

    Would you recommend a firmware update? 5442

    Hi all, I have a 5442 that I bought from EmpireTech on Amazon. While looking at the Dahua wiki, I noticed there seems to be a "new Web UI" for some Dahua cameras (DahuaWiki) My 5442 definitely features what is shown on Dahua's website as "old Web UI", and lists this under Version Information...
  19. D

    DS-7608NI-I2/8P Help

    Had one installed in 2017 with an older firmware version. I upgraded the firmware so I can change the HDMI output display configuration thru the browser, updated firmware it went in fine, system did a reboot , asked to login when it came back up and it would not accept my password. eventually it...
  20. Z

    Hikvision DVR Password reset through firmware TFTP error

    Hi, I have a DS7608HUHI-K1 DVR which is password locked. I have tried to reset the password on the device using TFTP on IP but the DVR does not request the file when turned on. I have then connected to the device using the 4 pin connection to force the device to request the firmware...
  21. P

    DH-TPC-DF1241 (not S2) Firmware Download?

    Hello. Im searching for a Firmware Download for the DH-TPC-DF1241, but if i go to the Product Page on the Dahua Website it only has a Firmware File for the S2 to download. I dont know why but i have 1 of 4 Cams with a newer Firmware .So there must be an Update somewhere. See in Screenshot: Any...
  22. fubarovich

    IPC-K42A latest firmware download?

    Hello, I'm looking for latest firmware for Dahua IPC-K42A. Where might I be able to find this? I've looked on this board, and IPC-K42A (attempted to install the English_N version) without success. Thank you
  23. O

    Bricked HeroSpeed S2L33M/IMX322

    Tried to update firmware on HeroSpeed S2L33M/IMX322 after update the web interface became inaccessable. Advanced IP Scanner shows that the camera is connector to the network and shows IP address yet can't telnet nor open the webinterface. The last working firmware on the IP camera...
  24. A

    Dahua removed links to firmware and software

    Hi everyone, it has been a couple of days since dahua removed link to download tools, SDK, firmware, and software generally. Link: Download Center You can check the images attached. Does anyone know what is going on? I cant find SDK to continue my work on software...
  25. W

    DS-2DE4A225IW firmware

    Good Day, I recently purchased a hikvision DS-2DE4A225IW that is at firmware version V5.6.14 build 200622 and I would like to update it to V5.7.3_220315, which is apparently the most recent version. Based on everything I could locate, the firmware download labeled DS-2DE4A225IW-DES6 on the...
  26. OzDrDj

    Help With YCC365 Cloud Cam (Maybe China Dragon) Firmware

    Hello All, I have a Dozen of these YCC365 Cloud Cams installed all over my home. They are still working happily with the YCC365plus app from google. However yesterday they updated the Firmware and now I can't get a feed to my iSpy software on the computer. I have tried everything I can think of...
  27. N

    HiKvision DS-2CD1743G0-iz browser support problem

    Hi, I bought recently a used DS-2CD1743G0 (european market). I programmed the latest available version: V5.5.89 build 210429 found at...
  28. PowellSkier

    Q-See QCW4K1MC 4k Wi-Fi Security Camera

    I have two Q-see cube cameras that were updated to the 2.621.00QS000 0.R firmware version and the default password is no longer admin! Does anyone have any idea what the default password for this firmware version is? All attempts at initializing\adding\configuring these cameras with Dahua and...
  29. G

    VTH1550CH - firmware V1.000 of 2015 how to flash / upgrade firmware

    Hello, I posted this under hardware - doorbell while my previous posts were under hardware - IPcamera, as this relates now to the indoor monitor part of my doorbell system .. I have this Dahua indoor monitor DHI-VTH1550CH in a simple constellation with a outdoor doorbell VTO2000a-VTOB108...
  30. P

    Dahua add big watermark logo to camera

    Hello everyone, who know Any way to add logo to camera? I mean not the little default logo, but png with my size. thank you everyone