Did I install my new system correctly? (VPN/internet security)

Discussion in 'Camera Installation Questions' started by dfalk, Sep 10, 2019.

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  1. dfalk

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    Aug 30, 2019
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    New member here/first post. Been reading as much as I can the last few weeks and just recently installed my first system this weekend. I bought 2 2MP starlight cameras and an 8 channel POE NRV from Andy. Got everything installed this weekend and so far it's all working perfectly. Just have a couple questions on internet security.

    • I have a WiFi router that I changed the admin/password on and made sure I have a strong WiFi password.
    • Connected my Dahua NVR to my router, made a strong password, and set a static IP address for it. The 2 cameras plug directly into the NVR
    • Installed PiVPN on a Raspberry PI 3+
    • Setup OpenVPN on my android phone and tablet
    • Use OpenVPN and tinycam pro to view my cameras when I'm not at home
    Like I said everything is working just fine and I am very happy with it. Just want to make sure I set up all the networking stuff right to make sure my system is as safe as possible. Thanks
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  2. alastairstevenson

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    Oct 28, 2014
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    You can check the is no inbound access by using a service such as ShieldsUp! from GRC.com
    Use the full port scan.
    Also - check that UPnP is disabled on both the router, and the NVR and cameras so they don't configure any inbound holes in the router firewall.
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