HD-SDI 1080P to IP POE 4K (WOW)

Jun 23, 2019
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San Diego, CA
Hello everyone, I am new to this forum a couple of question? I know I am a little late to the party. And I may have bought all the work parts. But, could sure use some good information.

My old setup was :
1-HDSDI IR Eyeball Dome FULL HD (1080p) Security Camera 4.3mm Mega-Pixel IR Fixed Lens • 25 IR LED / Range up to 60ft DC 12V • Smart IR

Next I decided to try the below to replace my current out dated one. so I purchased a Amcrest UltraHD 4K POE Turret IP Security Camera / 8-Megapixel 3840x2160 / 164ft Night Vision / MicroSD Recording / Metal Housing / IP67 Weatherproof / 2.8mm Lens / FOV 112° / IP8M-T2499EW-28MM (White)

Here they are side by side

Picture quality is better than before so I am happy for that.

bad (2).PNG

PC-NVR_CAM 1_main_20190624191410.jpg

Now here comes the issue. I just purchased Amcrest NVR because I like the way the new camera looked and the ease of installation. I also downloaded Blue-Iris on the desktop and decide that is not the route, I would like to go. Now after reading all the reviews on the different cameras on IPCT and looking for more cameras to replace the below I torn between returning my NVR and getting cameras that you all talk about or can those cameras work with my NEW IN BOX NVR:) don't have an idea of what to do next.

I have 6 of these around my house. Most of was purchased back in 09 or 10. Can't remember.
HD-SDI Outdoor (IP68) 1080p Anti-IR Reflection Series Storm IR Dome Camera VF Lens. Anti-IR Reflection Series (The Shield). 2 pcs of High Powered IR Storm Case • 2.8~12mm Mega-Pixel Lens 1/2" Sony CMOS, Minimum Illumination - 0 Lux with IR on Auto Removable IR-Cut Filter (ICR) True Day & Night. Deep color and clear video at both day and night time DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) • D-WDR


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Jan 17, 2017
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Welcome @wickedstangs

I have a Dahua OEM NVR NVR5216-16P-4KS2 that I picked up from Andy.

I have looked at the various NVR models from Amcrest, and I believe many of them are lower tier models. I have yet to determine exactly what Amcrest NVR model maps to the Dahua OEM international line up.

That Amcrest turret should be close to a Dahua OEM international model IPC-HDW48xx ( ah, iirc they just changed their model numbers ) and does well when you have enough light.

note - recall seeing that it does not support the Dahua IVS features, while the LaView Saturn line ( also Dahua OEM ) does, and as other brands ( Montavue for example ), and many of the Dahua OEM cameras Andy carries does.

Considering that, if you get a Blue Iris setup - Blue Iris can do a lot of those more advanced feature calculations on the host PC ( thus why a new gen i5/i7 cpu is recommended ).

Members here really like the Blue Iris + used windows i5/i7 PC ( gen 4+ ) + PoE switch option.

If you want to mix and match brands, Blue Iris works well - and as noted can do some good compute on the PC instead of hoping that your camera / NVR combo would.
( it is possible to get a camera + NVR that can do the "IVS" ( Dahua ) / "smart event" ( Hik ) advanced features - just need to really pay attention to the camera specs and NVR specs.. which can be a bit of a pita when looking for deals )

Do take a look at some of the reviews on the starlight and starlight+ cameras which members here have been doing, as they will probably work better for areas of you home which have less light during the late / early hours of the day.