Hidden cameras not showing in combined mobile view


Nov 17, 2019
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Since the BI support team seems to have been raptured (my extended support subscription just renewed today, although I'm not sure why given that the BI support team has not bothered to even respond at all to my last two support requests, the first one being almost a month ago), I figured I'd take my questions here:

So here's what I've got. Had a 20-camera BI setup at my old house before a tornado destroyed it and most of my belongings back in April. I managed to salvage the NVMe SSD that my BI config lived on from the old camera server and built out a new camera server for my new house with 25 cameras, upped from 1080p to 1440p (obviously bumped the specs waaaay up). I tried to use my old BI database and just replace the cameras... after a few weeks of troubleshooting I realized that wasn't a great plan since the database was nearly 5 years old and very convoluted so I backed everything up, wiped the server fresh and setup BI from scratch.

Everything worked so much better after the rebuild, except that now when I view my cameras from the mobile app, none of my 'hidden' cameras show up in the combined view. I've checked every setting to make sure it matched the old server, and made sure the iOS clients were set to show hidden cameras... but for whatever reason the new build just won't show hidden cameras in the combined view. I even tried comparing the registry keys between old and new, but there are too many differences to be able to accurately determine what might be the variance that's causing this problem, given that the old install was a V4 to V5 upgraded database/registry.

I confirmed it's definitely a setting somewhere... I spun the old install up on another machine and connected to it from the same mobile clients and the hidden cameras show up in the combined cameras view, but they do not in the new setup. I really don't want to go back to the old install since the database was so corrupt I could barely view footage older than a few days without the program locking up or crashing... just can't for the life of me figure this one out.

Has anyone dealt with this before by chance? Running the latest BI on Server 2019 if that helps at all.