Hikvision HiDDNS connection failed in mobile app

Aug 28, 2016
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We recently installed two set Hikvision camera for our offices. It works smoothly in two separate DVR. We configured to the router to port forward one for port 85 and 8001. Other camera which has is not port forwarded but works fine when it was deployed. We registered to Hik online ddns with both same port 85. It was working smoothly for a week but after one week it shows the camera which was not port forwarded prompting "connection failed" on iVMS4500. When I go to Hik DDNS and tried to click the link for it, it proceed with the dynamic ip and port 85 smoothly.

Please help what seems to be causing the problem??

PS. I tried disabling the port forwarding on .250 and it affects both.