1. C

    Replaced Port-forwarding with VPN. Now what?

    Hi All, I'm new here and a newbie in terms of networking. I have an Asus RT-AC86U router and a Swann (rebranded Hikvision) NVR. The NVR was setup with port-forwarding by the installer but thanks to the detailed direction on this site I've disabled the port-forwarding and used the router to...
  2. Mike

    IPCT Introducing IPCT DDNS! Free DDNS service!

    I'm happy to introduce my latest project to you all, IPCT DDNS! Most people don't have a dedicated IP address and would rather not pay for one or for a DDNS service, so I decided to build one for all IPCT users. It is free and always will be and you'll never be obligated to confirm it every...
  3. Vinnkilla

    How can I add third party NVR on hik connect?

    Hey I wondering how can I add third party DVR on hik-online ddns ?
  4. V

    Playback on Mobile App when connecting to HikConnect/GuardingVision

    Hi all, I've just setup a Hiwatch NVR-108-A/8P NVR and when I connect to the NVR in app via the HikConnect/GuardingVision "platform", I am not able to Playback any recordings. On the playback timelines, lines where motion/alarms have triggered the recording are yellow suggesting "something" has...
  5. F

    Hikvision ddns IP Address

    I've currently got my cctv system set up on hikvision's old ddns service (hiddns). So I've got a url like: DDNS Which takes me to a 302 redirect page to my ip:hikvision port. QUESTION: Is there a URL I can use from hiddns to get just my IP address. I want to find my dynamic IP address and...
  6. F

    Hikvision DDNS Remote Access Setup - How to Enable DDNS?

    I'm trying to setup a Hikvision NVR for remote access viewing. However everytime I try to enable DDNS I get the error message: "Communication to server failed" Status is greyed out and reads: DDNS is not enabled (See attached screenshot for reference) I only have 1 LAN cable from my router...
  7. A

    Hikvision HiDDNS connection failed in mobile app

    We recently installed two set Hikvision camera for our offices. It works smoothly in two separate DVR. We configured to the router to port forward one for port 85 and 8001. Other camera which has is not port forwarded but works fine when it was deployed. We registered...
  8. Z

    IVMS on T-Mobile with DDNS

    I have a 4 camera setup at home that I have access to via my iPhone on AT&T using the iVMS-4500 app. I am using synology as my dynamic dns provider and the setup has been flawless since installation. i recently purchased an iPad and am using T-Mobile for data. Using my iPhone settings, the iPad...
  9. I

    NVR Dropping offline

    I have a DS-7608NI-SE/P NVR and 3 HIKVISION IP cameras connected and operating generally quite well. My problem is that every so often when I try to view the live view via the iVMS-4500 phone app I get the error message "device not registered on DDNS". As soon as I reboot the NVR this error...
  10. G

    connect remotely using DDNS - sricam camera

    Hello, I have a sricam camera which i want to connect remotely to using DDNS. Currently i can connect to the camera from my browser (using and from my smartphone using APCamera (from anywhere). I am not sure if i need to use a DDNS server that my router can...