1. S

    What is the meaning of decoding capabilities.

    I'm planning to buy 16ch hikvision DS-7616NI-K2 NVR but got confused by this " Up to 2-ch@8 MP or 4-ch@4 MP or 8-ch@1080p decoding capacity ". It have 160 Mbps incoming bandwidth. Can it record 16 (Sixteen) IP cameras @ 4 M.P each in full resolution to HDD @ H.265 HEVC compression.
  2. orfaly800

    Changing IMEI for hikvision ax pro64 device

    Hello, friends, how are you? I have an alarm device from Hikvision(Axpro64), and I need a way to help me change the imei number on the device. Recently, I opened the cover of a device and noticed that there was an electronic piece of the sim card(Sim Com)"I will attach a picture of it" bearing...
  3. Artanis

    Camera brands/models that allows accessing video stream from browser (no plugins)

    Hello, guys! Long story short - for over 12+ years I have been using some prehistoric Vivotec brand IP camera at my apartment door, and the feature I was most satisfied with was the possibility to access the video stream directly via the URL link !http://user:pass@myip:port/video.mjpg. No...
  4. Q

    KH9510 video call freez

    Hi, Have any of you had a problem with the video call view freezing on the KH9510 ver. B? When I start a conversation straight from the panel, everything works fine. But when I call from the doorbell (in this case, KV8113), after a few seconds of the conversation, the picture freezes and there...
  5. Elias77

    Hikvision DS-7608NI-I2/8P Aussie Firmware

    I encountered an issue when I upgraded my DS-7608NI-I2/8P NVR to version V4.60.005_220927 from the Hikvision Australia site. Unfortunately, this upgrade ended up bricking my device. Although the NVR is an Australian version and previous versions on the website worked fine, Hikvision has removed...
  6. K

    NVR DS-7732NXI-I4 / S and remote DS-1200

    Hi, I got some issues with this combine 2 devices. When I put the NVR into the remote, the camera channels start from 33 not from 1... And I can't change that. When I export then import the file with the change, I lose the output setup. thanks in advance
  7. L

    DS-2CD2347G2-LU Error accessing camera virtual host to upgrade firmware

    I am trying to update the firmware on my Hikvison G2 Camera. I have successfully updated 3/4 which were the C models. However one wasn’t the C model and when i open up the virtual host. It gives me a blank white page: Access Error: 404 -- Not Found Can't locate document: /doc/page/login.asp...
  8. K

    Should I switch from BI to Dahua or Hikvsion NVR?

    I've been running Blue Iris since 2016, and currently have 7 no-name cameras covering my home interior and exterior running on an Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU with 6GB of RAM. I use the indoor cameras for pet/pet-sitter monitoring and the exterior ones for identification in case of trespassers...
  9. L

    New install need advice. Seeking photo recognition database - Hikvision NVR iDS-7716NXI-I4/16P/X available in US?

    Hello...I'm not sure if this is the right sub category to post this, but chose to post here since my question is NVR driven. I am outfitting a large estate home and planned to use a combination of the following cameras: 4 - Hikvision DS-2CD2387G2-LSU/SL - 4 mm 6 - Hikvision DS-2CD2387G2-LSU/SL...
  10. G

    ANNKE paired with HikVision camera system

    Hello, I am a new member here. I want to place a camera system in my house. It seems that 6-8 cameras can cover the area that I want. With some search I found some camera systems: 1.)ANNKE H800 with 8 4K cameras and an NVR (the cheapest) 2.)HikVision with NVR (ds-7608NI-M2/8P paired with 6...
  11. B

    need suggestion(s) to replace a dead dome camera outside.

    Our DS-2CD2712F-I dome camera died completely and I need to replace it. It needs to endure snow, rain and a constant southern exposure in Michigan and I know you don't recommend domes outside especially in that kind of environment. I included a couple of picture of what the old camera was...
  12. Mark_M

    TP-Link is innovating better than Hik/Dahua?

    As the name suggests, TP-Link is stepping up their game in terms of what their cameras are capable of. Their specifications do not compete with Hikvision and Dahua but the ideas are something I could see being mainstream in the future. Comment what you think. TP-Link are trying to become a new...
  13. A

    Cant do Upgrade via TFTP

    Hello good day! Im new here, id like to seek support for this matter. Thank you so much in advance. NVR mode: DS-7608NXI-I2/8P/S
  14. A

    IP address/URL for RTSP stream from Hikvision NVR and cameras

    I am trying to obtain RTSP streams from my Hikvision NVR for the four cameras that are connected to it. Current setup is as follows: Hikvision (DS-7604NI-E1) NVR has four HikVision cameras plugged into it. The HikVision cameras' IP addresses are in the 192.168.254.xxx range according to the...
  15. S

    WTS Lots (10+) Hikvision cameras and NVR

    I'm in the process of upgrading my Hikvision setup to Dahua and am selling off all my old stuff. I originally purchased everything from LTS Security, who was a vendor on this forum at the time (not sure if they still are or not), so all my cameras are USA versions and upgradeable via firmware. I...
  16. Y

    Can I save a view layout for a day and a night shift with Hikvision iVMS-4200 software?

    Where I work, we run iVMS-4200 camera software on a Windows 10 PC. On the monitor, we have a large camera view (3x3 size out of the 4x4 area) with 7 smaller views (1x1 size) to the side and below it. For the Overnight shift, I'd like to save a profile (or whatever it is called) with a different...
  17. rextherunt

    Record audio on NVR not IP cam

    Hi all I'm struggling to be able to record audio via a mic on a Hikvision NVR (DS-7604NI-K14PB). The only instructions I can find describe recording audio via IP cameras. There is one audio input (RCA). Where do I enable it and where is the stream recorded to? The video dropdown does not...
  18. seanpaul

    No audio on downloaded video files

    Hi, I can hear the audio on playback but when I download the file from the hikvision browser interface and play it over VLC it has audio
  19. E

    HikVision NVR POE(Onboard) DS-7616NI-Q2 / 16P

    I have an nvr that i have hooked up to my network switch. It got assigned an IP. It then created a subnet with ips ranging from for the cameras. Since these are nested and can not be directly accessed from LAN(192.168.1.x) you have to setup something called...
  20. L

    Hikvision IP Cameras not connected

    Hi, I have 8 IP cameras installed. My previous NVR that the cameras were connected to is not working anymore. So I bought a new NVR. I have set it all up, but my cameras are not online. All the network cables are connected to the NVR. I see all the cameras listed, but offline. And when I use a...
  21. M

    Hikvision mailserver problems

    Hi, I have multiple Hikvision IP camera’s and have always used them for multiple detections, alerted by mail. Until recently I have used my own non-SSL domain / mailserver and it worked fine. Now I have moved to another hosting provider and the same domain is now with SSL. No matter which...
  22. T

    Hikvision RTMP G5 firmware

    Hi all I write here because I have a problem with new Hikvision firmware for G5 platform. I usually use this type of cameras: DS-2CD2086G2 In the first cameras that I bought, i usually change the firmware with this version...
  23. M

    Hikvision RCE Vulnerability

    Hi guys, was doing alot of reading in IP Cam Talk and found it really helpful and informative. So thank you guys for all the info you’ve been providing. first post on this site so sorry if i got this wrong. Living in an estate where there’s lot of drug dealing and break ins. Initially had some...
  24. S

    Hikvision DT387G2 - corrupt mp4 recordings from Blue Iris after a couple of days

    Hi all. I recently purchased one of these DT387G2 Colorvu cameras to check out the colour night vision and the video quality is simply awesome!! However, I am having a problem with it after a couple of days where when I go to look at the mp4 recordings out of Blueiris they are corrupted - VLC...
  25. M

    Hikvision Pink again!

    Hello, This is just a comment... In last 3 years I’ve installed probably around 250 Hikvision Cameras at all my clients with 15 NVRs, I usually use Turrets, but also I installed probably 35 some kind of variation of DS-2CD2542FWD-IS-2.8 (for audio) After few months about 15 of them became pink...
  26. B

    Hikvision AcuSense PCI-B18Z2S

    Anyone have any experience with the Hikvision AcuSense PCI-B18Z2S camera? I gather it has a motorized lens, but it doesn't say so in the description, like it does for the non-IDS version. I know it's POE, but I don't see any pictures showing the actual connection. I saw a video of the non-IDS...
  27. H

    Manage cross system in one mobile app

    Hello everyone: I need to know if there any mobile app for both Android & IOS to Add and manage Hikvision and Dahua devices in one platform Thanks in advance
  28. C

    Hikvision Firmware - Downgrade Block Overcome

    Hey! I have an Hikvision DS-2CD2143G2 camera running V5.7.10 firmware. My goal is to be able to downgrade the firmware to at least V5.5.x Using TFTP, I've managed to downgrade the firmware down to V5.7.1 but, looks like Hikvision has the downgrade block active when I try downgrading to V5.5.x...
  29. M

    Hikvision DS-KV8213-WME1 ONVIF not working

    Hello, I am trying to connect Hikvision DS-KV8213-WME1 to DAHUA NVR5208-4KS2 V4.002.0000000.4.R (ONVIF protocol), but without success. DS-KV8213-WME1 firmware is V2.2.53 build 220816. I don't see any option on DS-KV8213-WME1 about configuring a separated ONVIF account. I am trying to...
  30. H

    DS-9632NI-I8 Firmware Update (Bricked)

    Hi All, I did a rookie mistake and updated my DS-9632NI-I8 firmware to the most recent (v4.5xxx) downloaded from Hikvision website. I failed to verify if the NVR was currently on 3.42 prior. Anyhow, the update went thorugh just fine, however the username drop down when connected directly to...