1. A

    7608NXI-I2/8P/S Vs 7608NI-M2/8P

    I'm putting together the configuration for my setup and need some advice on which NVR to go with my new Hybrid Colorvu 8mp Turrets. I am getting 4 of the DS-2CD2387G2H-LIU hybrid Colorvu turrets and was recommended the 7608NI-M2/8P for those cameras but I really like the Acusense AI features...
  2. EasyTermite

    Unable to Reset Passwords on ECI-T24F2 (kit) Hikvision Cameras

    Dear Forum Community, I am reaching out in a time of need for our church. We're struggling with a technical issue involving six ECI-T24F2 Hikvision cameras that are crucial to our building's security. Our limited budget as a religious organization means we cannot afford professional services or...
  3. nomee

    Hikvison NVR 256 Channel: Model DS-96256NI

    i have HIKVISION DS-96256NI-I24/H NVR when i access a NVR in Chrome browser with admin login and allow a specific camera Remote live view permission to user settings not save but when i try physical on NVR its fine save and permission allow to user whats is the issue onyone help me please
  4. C

    Which VTO & VTH will be better with Dahua camera HDW5442 ?

    Hello everyone I have 2 dahua cameras (HDW5442TM-AS-LED) that I will install soon. So I did a long search about a good VTO & VTH that will perform well, and have the ability to show my cameras feed in the VTH. In future I will install a server to run BI or something else, but it is VTH only for...
  5. tigerschul

    Need help with firmware for NVR32p8-8 off brand Hikvision NVR

    I have an off brand Hikvision. The model is an NVR32p8-8. I’m trying to see if there is a more up to do date firmware version. If there is one how do I find it and update the NVR
  6. soyalk

    ivms 4200ca

    hello i want to setup time attendance in ivms 4200 ac .i want to know if i can do it with ivms 4200 ac or i need third party app here is the senario i have list of 200 members each one is allowed for three hours in week but he have to respect these fixed three hour if he selected monday from 08...
  7. A

    Best 4k Colour Night Vision Turret Camera

    Hi, new member here I'm pretty new to the world of CCTV and would like some with help picking out my first POE CCTV setup. When I first started researching CCTV cameras (specifically 4/8mp Poe cams), I inevitably stumbled across Reolink. I spent the next few weeks watching comparison videos...
  8. Z

    Hikvision Portal - Firmware been removed?

    Hi, Anyone knows whats up with the hikvision firmware portal? All the files have been removed and replaced with 3 tools, SADP, Batch Config and MVA. link is here https://www.hikvisioneurope.com/uk/portal/ before you could individually download the firmware for your device type. Hope this is...
  9. K

    Hikvision modify firmware - white light duration

    Hello every one, I have DS-2CD2387G2P-LSU/SL and DS-2CD2387G2-LSU/SL around the house. I need help with white light duration, right now I can only set from 1-60 seconds. I would like to to change the 60 second max to either 5-30 minutes. could someone please help me edit digicap.dav file...
  10. L

    Ezviz h8c 2K+ main stream not working on Hikvision NVR?

    I have Ezviz h8c 2K+ camera with latest firmware. Its working perfectly fine on Ezviz Studio/App and shows video in full resolution. I was able to add it easily to Hikvision 7616 nvr and its shows sub-stream on NVR as well. However, when I view camera in full-screen, then it goes blank. I've...
  11. H

    Hikvision NVR can not be unbound to Hikconnect app.

    I bough a 16 channel NVR system used. Model number DS-7716NI-14/16P . I installed the last firmware upgrade to it. I am the administrator of it, an it is online. Have full access within it. But previous owner does not own the phone number associated with the Hikconnect phone app account for...
  12. elvinsiau

    How to get filtered event

    Hello sir miss, i want to ask something i trying to test my attendance device of hikvision. here is the spec: Model: DS-K1T341AMF I want to get event which show the list of event that have a check in and check out event here is the sample response: { "AcsEvent": { "searchID": "1"...
  13. M

    $190 Budget advice. Wide angle, very dark.

    Hi folks, Looking for some advice/opinions on a camera for a wide driveway out in the country (very dark). Looking to avoid colour night vision (the light is jarring when there's no street lights at all), so prefer IR (ideally > 100ft). It's a relatively long/wide driveway. Previously had a...
  14. LoneEdge

    DS-2CD2386G2-ISU/SL - Poe wiring diagram?

    Hello all, I have a DS-2CD2386G2-ISU/SL which is in overall good contion and hasn't had much use but some of the pins on the POE connector was bent I tried to fixed them but no luck. I have seen on Youtube about repiaring a camera by cutting off the POE connector on the camera and soldering...
  15. B

    Hikvision Cameras and Lorex NVR Issues

    I have some Hikvision DS-2CD2543G0-IS cameras and a Lorex N883A6B-Z NVR (all brand new). I can't get them to connect to each other. I understand the proper way to connect these is via the ONVIF protocol, but I still have been unable to get that to work. All devices have the most current...
  16. K

    DS-7604NI-K1/4P Not starting

    Good evening, I purchased a new DS-7604NI-K1/4P, installed a WD20PURX hard drive, went to start it up, but it doesn’t do much - the Green power light comes on, the internal red light is on (not sure if thats good or bad tbh) There is no lan activity/link light in the back or front, none of the...
  17. This_name_is_unchangable

    Hikvision nvr questions about NAS, redunancy recording ...

    Greetings, I have NVR ( DS-7608NXI-I2/8P/S(C) ) at the office, but HDD (WD Purple 10TB PRO) is so loud, so im thinking to buy a Synology NAS which will be located in another room with this disk attached. Can this NVR work with NAS storage EXACTLY THE SAME as if disk would be SATA connected ...
  18. SANAMI25

    Need ds-7608ni-i2/8p bin file

    hi i need bios bin file for ds-7608ni-i2/8p if somebody has it please send me
  19. L

    Notification Not working. Configure Smarts events in Camera or NVR?

    It's been few months and we're not getting any notifications from Smart Events i.e. intrusion detection etc. Curious, is it because we're supposed to configure the Smart Events in NVR vs Cameras? For example, we have a AcuSense camera setup to detect human and then flash light. I walked in...
  20. M

    Hello! Need some help with NVR to NVR connection

    Hello! I am new to this forum and need some help. I have set up two NVRs in different physical locations to each other but on the same network to allow for old coax cameras to still be used (without needing to run new cables - long story). Now one NVR has 8 coax cameras and 1 IP camera the other...
  21. S

    Need Hikvision clone model#/firmware upgrade for LTS NVR LTN8816-P16

    The firmware is out of date and LTS support site does not provide an update, just a product manual. What Hikvision firmware equivalent is it and is it safe to upgrade/flash firmware? LTN8816-P16 16CH H.264 NVR, 4 SATA, 16 POE, AC 100-240V
  22. Mihaitz222222

    IP Cameras won't sync time with NVR.

    I have 2 Hikvision IP cameras connected to an NVR. The NVR gets it's time from the NTP server without issues, but the cameras don't sync with the NVR time, I've tried setting up NTP for each one, but when I hit test I always get the "Failed to connect the test server." The default gateway on the...
  23. invariantofficiant

    iVMS-4200 Playback Failed: Calling Order Error

    Hello. I am experiencing some remote playback issues with iVMS-4200. When I try to view recorded footage from my NVR I get the following error after a few moments of the recording has played: "Playback failed.Calling order error. (Error code: PlayCtrl.dll[2].) I'm not experiencing any issues...
  24. Bradyboyy88

    Infrared and full color cameras

    What are the latest turret hikvision and dahua cameras that feature both infrared and full color night vision/led? I want to narrow it down to 4mp ( 1/1.8 sensor) or 8mp (1/1.2 sensor) but I am having trouble finding these specs as it’s hard to know which has both IR and full color night vision...
  25. dbroggy

    How to extract .dav firmware files for Hikvision cameras?

    Hi there, I'm looking for a way to extract the .DAV firmware file for any of the Hikvision cameras. This is purely for cyber defender blue team research, nothing nefarious. I saw some very old posts about using some perl files to extract it but they didn't work for me. Thoughts? Or if anyone has...
  26. A

    IP Camera Motion Detection Behaviour.

    Hi All, I am using Hikvision ip camera. My camera is not continuously detecting the motion of the same object continuously so lets say I am moving before the camera then my cam detect the event then it detect for 5 sec. and then clear after that even if i keep doing the movement then it is not...
  27. T

    VMS Software Recommendations

    Hello all! I'm looking for some input for some recommended VMS (Video Management System) software. I'm currently using the free version of Milestone and although it's a pretty good piece of software, it SUCKS running on a Windows 10 or Windows Server computer. Recently, there was some crime in...
  28. C

    Max Size and Max Area in Hikvision

    HI All, I use DS-2CD3027G2E-LUF IP camera and am trying to setup intrusion detection. Most of the help guides mentioned it with Minimum Size and Maximum Size. But in my settings, i see only Minimum Area and Maximum Area. Please let me know what the difference is between the two and how can i...
  29. todder


    I have spent days scouring the web for a digicap.dav for the DS-7208HGHI-SH. I have flashed this thing so many times without result. I need the version 1.1 to start as they have to be in order so getting the latest did not help. HELP PLEASE!
  30. T

    Getting Drive Details From HikVision SDK

    Hello all, I am new to the forum so im going to apologies in advance if this is the wrong thread. However I am having issues getting my head around the Hikvision API. I have a method that logs into the Hikvision camera remotely however when I go to receive the drive details it spits out...