How to get best Mobile experience?


Jan 14, 2017
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Hi Folks,
So glad I found this forum. Didn't know so many others had deployed as many IP Cameras and were deep in the NVR and Smart Home world. Yeah!
So I've got 12 Dahua POE cams around the house and tired of Bluecherry and other software based NVRs running as VMs in my VM environment. I'm going to step up and get a full blown dedicated hardware NVR. Right now I've narrowed in on the Dahua NVR5216-4KS2 as I have mostly Dahua cams and this NVR is in my price and functionality range. Regardless of what DVR I get or the features, the most important thing for me and my family is the mobile experience on our iPhones. Given the wealth of knowledge on here, I'm looking for some info on how mobile app to NVR world is shaping. Are the apps coming from Dahua or Hikvison and the like (Specific OEMs supporting their NVRs)? Or are there generic apps that talk to most NVRs using standard protocols/features? My basic expectation is that from my iPhone I can immediately connect to the NVR (locally\remotely), view live footage and toggle through recordings etc. I understand that alarm tripping and motion detection and integration with smart home hubs (I have Smart Things) is important too. I guess in a nutshell, Do I need to base my NVR brand/model purchase on the availability of mobile apps that support it? Any information or feedback is appreciated. :)


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Jul 16, 2014
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Denver, CO
Dahua has iDMSS you can use to view live, playback, and get push notifications on..

Dahua has a documented HTTP GET based API that usually works well with home automation if you can script/code.. Ive written a NodeJS module that I use with MQTT and Domoticz and get a very high level of integration out of my Dahua NVR and w/my Home Automation system.. but Ive done most of the work my self.