Is it OK to update LTS CMIP8932-W (Hikvision Cube) with actual Hikvision firmware?


Jun 11, 2015
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I have a few LTS CMIP8932-W 3MP cube cameras that have firmware v5.3.0 build 151014 installed on them. I recently purchased a few of the Annke 2MP cube cameras that were on sale and followed a guide to update them using the official Hikvision firmware and it worked perfectly! :)
  • I am wondering if I am able to follow the same steps to upgrade my LTS cameras, or if it will cause any issues to do this?
    • If it is possible, is this directory the correct firmware for my LTS cameras?
      • This firmware directory worked on the Annke 2MP cubes, but I am not sure if the LTS 3MP cubes use the same firmware
  • Does changing the firmware void any warranty on the LTS cameras?
    • I do see that LTS has updated firmware available (IPC2_V5.3.0_170921), but have not tried using this since I'm not sure if I can directly upgrade to this from my current firmware.
The main reason I want to update the firmware is because on my LTS cameras, the event-triggerd screenshots do not let me select any image size greater than either 352*240 or 704*480 (no idea why these are the only options in the dropdown), however my Annke cameras allow 1920*1080. See the following screenshots:

LTS configuration:

Annke configuration (with Hikvision firmware):

Thanks for the help!

PS: Tagging @milkisbad so he can help answer, if he is available