1. P

    improving Annke C800

    I'm running an Annke C800 dome and turret camera and the quality is OK but it suffers with ghosting at night. I just found footage of a raccoon running around in front of it and BI/Deepstack didn't see it (o.O). Anyway, when I view the feed (at night) it has some significant ghosting...
  2. charles321

    ANNKE NVR B48PBB - cloud storage and change firmware to Hikvision.

    Hello. I bought Annke PoE set with NVR N48PBB. I am disappointed because I can't find the option of recording on the cloud , e.g. google drive. For me, there is no "cloud storage" tab, which is on other Hikvision devices. If there is no such option for this recorder, is it possible to install...
  3. C

    Annke Firmware to Hikvision Firmware: HOW TO

    Wanted to post this for anyone that wanted to switch to Hikvision firmware. ---CHANGING FIRMWARE WILL NOT ADD NEW FEATRUES.. these are coded separately from the firmware. If you don't already have smart events it will not add them.--- It may fix or enhance existing functions or even stability...
  4. A

    Annke NVR won’t recognise cameras

    Hi. I have an Annke N46NPK 16 channel NVR - I am unsuccessful in adding cameras to the NVR. My IT guy cannot work it out either. We can get cameras (Onvif) to connect to the network via a Poe switch and then can view them through the nvr monitor but nvr cannot recognise camera either by plug n...
  5. Z

    Annke vs Hikvision vs Uniview

    Hi All, I originally ordered reolink before joining this forum, thankfully some great advice made me see sense so I cancelled the order. I have spent the last month or more researching and have narrowed my search down to the Annke, Hikvision & Uniview. I have seen Hikvision do colorvu 4 mp...
  6. J

    ANBvision camera with Dahua NVR

    Hi there, A year ago I bought ANBvision cameras with 8ch NVR. Now, my NVR is dead and they stopped selling those NVR. Can any Dahua NVR work with these cameras? below is the system I bought from eBay. anbvision 1080p 2mp poe system 8 pcs hd array ir cctv ip camera 8-ch n – Hashopa The NVR...
  7. L

    Is it OK to update LTS CMIP8932-W (Hikvision Cube) with actual Hikvision firmware?

    I have a few LTS CMIP8932-W 3MP cube cameras that have firmware v5.3.0 build 151014 installed on them. I recently purchased a few of the Annke 2MP cube cameras that were on sale and followed a guide to update them using the official Hikvision firmware and it worked perfectly! :) I am wondering...
  8. 1

    Stop/start recording with an external contact / trigger. Annke NP41F

    Hi, i have a alarm system that provides an NO (normally open contact) when alarm is deactivated. I want to hook that thing on my Annke DVR to stop recording when alarm system is switched off. is that possible?