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Isolated cameras -- How do I pull the substream if they don't have internet?


May 3, 2019
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Not sure what the proper lingo for this is, so i'm having difficulty searching.

My setup:
Camera -> Switch -> BI PC -> router (via wan)

With this setup, my cameras have no access to the internet. I'm not doing anything tricky with VLANS. I just have the cameras set to a static IP and left the gateway blank.

What i'm trying to accomplish is pull the mjpeg substream from the camera directly, instead of blue iris' mjpeg stream, so I can offload some CPU usage. Since the cameras have no access to the internet, how can I do this?

My reasoning for wanting a stream is so that i can have it displayed on my actiontiles dashboard. It requires mjpeg. I have it working fine right now pulling from BI, but that's bumping CPU usage up another 25%

Thank you