Mainstream & substream vs onvif profiles

Mar 1, 2019
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Trinidad & Tobago
Hey all,

I'm using a GNR-330 with 4 ACTi cameras (A96, A82, A92 & A42). I added the cameras to the GNR as standard media type (ACTi) and then tested by adding them using ONVIF media type.

In standard, stream 1 is my viewing stream (+h.265) and stream 2 is my recording stream (+h.264). Stream 1 has maxed resolution and fps settings, and thus this severely limits my recording stream's max. possible resolution (in some cases limited to 720p & 480p rather than the 1080p my client requires).

When I added the cameras as ONVIF there are two profiles to choose from..generically named profile 1 & 2. When I max out profile 1's res. & fps (using encoding +h.265), profile 2's available settings are not limited. I was thinking at first that profile 1 represented the mainstream and thus profile 2 was the substream..but now I'm thinking changing profiles just changes the profiles on the main stream only..?

This is really confusing because then why would acti be unable to give me the 1080p on the 2nd stream (with the first stream set as it is) but with onvif profiles there is no problem doing it?

Let me know if there's anything else you need to know.