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New RCA HSDB2A 3MP Doorbell IP Camera

Chad, I'm a little bugged by the fact that I don't have the same menu options as you do in the IVMS-4200 software.

What version are you running? I think the latest version which is what I am running is not the best for use with this camera. My version is build 20180919 (on a PC).

For example, I don't have a CCD submenu. I can't get the Main View screen to display the video feed from the cam.

Edit: I think I see a difference. The IVMS software identifies your device as EZVIZ CV330. Mine is identified as EZVIZ DB1. The DB1 is the product name on the EZVIZ site
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I have the same upgrade in the RCA app for the same version.
Did you update yet? Did you notice that the brightness is now really blown out during the day?

Edit -- somehow, on trying a few more times, I got the CCD menu to show in the IVMS software -- I found that "WDR Mode" was off, and I set it on. Made the image look much better.

Chad -- have you ever performed a "Restore Default Settings" operation on the System Maintenance menu? I would like to try to "factory" the camera, but not sure if this has an undesirable effect done through the IVMS software, or if the long button press on the camera does the same thing.
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Wasn’t willing to risk that reset. No I haven’t done the update yet. I was about to but thought I would check here first. My first one that was RMA had a horrible blown out image as you put it. I cleaned it up with all the settings in here. The new one doesn’t have that but I assume the upgrade may introduce it since it did on yours. I will do a before and after screenshot
Yeah it did exactly the same to mine! Turn on WDR mode in IVMS and it will go to normal.

Im going to try a hard reset from the front of the device.


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I installed the RCA HSDB2A Doorbell, I like the angle of view. I was not able to get the camera added to Hikvision NVR DS-7616NI-I2. I was able to use the Hik-connect mobile app. Using the Hikvision app I am able to have the NVR and the RCA doorbell in the same view. The RCA security app does allow PTZ, which is a nice feature. Does anyone know if the EZVIZ model DB1 works with Hikvision NVR? I have attached screenshot from the Hikvision and RCA mobile app.

Screenshot_RCA Security.jpg Screenshot_Hik-Connect.jpg
Wow it really jacked up the saturation. Look at the difference. That’s crazy bad.
I got this from Voxx support on how to do a full reset (some of it seems overkill/depending, but take it FWIW)

1. Delete the device(camera) from the Security App.
2. Uninstall and reinstall the Security app.
3. Cut the breaker to the unit for fifteen minutes for the doorbell to successfully fully reboot.
4. Pop the breaker back on.
5. Reset the device on the unit itself(using the reset button) and wait for the audible prompt to begin configuring your device.
6. Follow the prompts as dictated through the app installation process.
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I just want to thank everyone for posting information about getting the HSDB2A to work with Blue Iris. My camera is working great with Blue Iris as well as the RCA app for the intercom feature. (I can receive audio fine through Blue Iris, I just can’t get the camera to receive microphone input through BI). I am connecting to the rstp stream as Chad described in an earlier post.

I replaced my 10va transformer with a 30va one as well as installed a second 5Ghz access point about 10 feet from the front door where the camera is mounted. I am getting a fast response on push notifications when the doorbell is rung and the intercom works great. I am using a mechanical doorbell and installed the power pack that came with the camera.

As others have stated, the picture was over saturated and I adjusted it via the IVMS-4200 software. One thing to note is that I first used the Windows version of IVMS and the CCD menu options were not available. I installed the OSX version on my Mac and it had the CCD options that allowed me to enable WDR. I am actually getting better results using “backlight compensation” instead of the WDR option. I couldn’t get the iOS version of IVMS to connect to the camera.

Thanks again for all the great information!



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That’s awesome! You will likely never get Bi to send audio to the camera speaker. Bi needs to see if as an audio device. When I speak to BI from my app I hear it on the computer that BI runs on because that is the only audio device it knows of.
Is anyone else finding that visitors are pressing the camera or speaker in the middle rather than the doorbell button at the bottom? :banghead:

Unfortunately, they're basically all black, and the speaker is the most shiny. Aargh.
Has anyone been able to setup Alarm recording or Motion Detection Recording on the HSDB2a? I have the RCA version. Surveillance Station shows the option greyed out. Also, Would there be a way to find a Web GUI or find access to the Memory Card remotely? I found the following ports open but I'm not too familiar with these proprietary protocols:


554/tcp open rtsp Hikvision 7513 POE IP camera rtspd

8000/tcp open http-alt?

8200/tcp open trivnet1?

9010/tcp open sdr?


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I use Blue Iris for this and stream the RTSP url to the BI server. I use BI motion detection and have motion areas blocked out for where I don’t want it to alarm.


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This thing is great! WiFi connection is rock solid (not seeing any reliability issues at all).
The image is excellent and the nighttime image is very good. (with the app and with Blue Iris)

The included wedge mounts (left or right angle or upward/down angle) are handy and show excellent attention to detail.

The doorbell adapter works correctly, and the app can configure the adapter to have the push button depress time be set from momentary to up to 5 seconds (I have the adaptor operating a 24 VAC DPDT ice cube relay that activates the legacy electronic ringer as well as a Insteon sensor for my HA system) . This gives cloud free operation and no reliance on the app.

The app is actually very good (using the RCA variant). Button press notification is very quick (almost instant) on iOS and is dead solid reliable, and the intercom function now works quickly and the sound quality at both ends is loud and clear. Configuring the alarm zones, notifications, WiFi, even firmware upgrades work fine. It even has dewarp if you scroll the image.

Configuring the RTSP and editing parameter with IVMS-4200 software is the 2 areas that are a little fiddly. But once set, I have not touched had to them again.

I replaced 1 RCA DB1 with this and now am replacing the other 2 (which are junk).

I am seeing performance on par (or better) than nest or Ring without the deadly subscription fees and being married to the cloud.

FYI don't bother with the building centre 16 VAC home-owner grade transformers. You can get a HVAC 24 VAC high current transformer from a HVAC or electrical wholesaler for less and will eliminate any power issues. (I have a DIN rail mounted one to go along with the ice cube relays to make a professional install)
I installed the RCA HSDB2A Doorbell, I like the angle of view. I was not able to get the camera added to Hikvision NVR DS-7616NI-I2. I was able to use the Hik-connect mobile app. Using the Hikvision app I am able to have the NVR and the RCA doorbell in the same view. The RCA security app does allow PTZ, which is a nice feature. Does anyone know if the EZVIZ model DB1 works with Hikvision NVR? I have attached screenshot from the Hikvision and RCA mobile app.

View attachment 35791 View attachment 35792
I have the EZVIZ DB1 and was able to connect it to my Hikvision NVR. I logged into the EZVIZ app with my Hikvision account and can see all cameras in both the Hik-Connect and EZVIZ apps. I like the EZVIZ app better for the doorbell. The issue I have is I had motion alerts being saved to a memory card in the camera. When I get the notification, I can watch the short video in the EZVIZ app or Hik-Connect. Once I connect to the NVR so that I can record 24/7, it sends me a picture when there’s movement at my door but the video will no longer play. The old videos will also not play. I now have the SD card and the NVR listed under the storage tab of the EZVIZ app. Does anybody know how I can get it working to save the video motion clips to the SD card and also have the NVR recording full time? Do I have to create a separate EZVIZ account to use for the doorbell? As soon as I remove the doorbell from my NVR, the app works again to play the motion notifications. (Edit: After taking a btreak from frustration and sleeping on it, I realized the obvious answer would be to take the SD card out of the doorbell and see if the motion alert videos record to the NVR and playback from there. I’ll try it later.

I wanted to add I’m very impressed with this doorbell so far and I don’t agree with any negative comments I reads. The quality is great, nmotiin alerts are fast and work all the time. The only complaint I have that hope is fixed is the motion notifications at night. My motion area is set to 5 ft and is 100% accurate during the day. At night I get a few cars that are 30 ft away that trigger off the motion but not all of them. There have been no false alerts with nothing going on and I have also been able to connect it to a mechanical door chime that plays mp3s which has added to the fun. The two way radio is also great.
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