New setup, x8 cam + NVR


Feb 11, 2020
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Hi all,
I was quietly following the forum for some time now. The best place knowledge about IP cam.
The more I was reading though, the more I got confused.
I would really appreciate some good advice for new setup based on NVR and 8 external cameras.
My current setup/ current situation:
I have square house 12x12m (40x40 feet).
Prepared cat7 network cables: two for each corner of the house each facing different side.
Together, I've got 8 cam points with 8 cables to a single point where the computer/NVR would be placed. Each of them is 3.6m (12 feet) high.
Telephone wire (4x2) for the alarm is placed between the NVR and another external point for the siren.
The goal is to use the cameras outside the house and to protect the property before someone breaks in and not after. I have no current intention to use cameras inside.
The yard itself is 20x25m (65x82 feet) and the (square) house is in the middle of it. I would like to protect the house itself but I can use virtual fence.
The threat is higher during that night time.
The area is mostly sunny so it looks like WDR is a must.
I believe that the maximal length of the wires (cat7) between the NVR and end points is less than 50f so I do not see any problem there.
The cameras should be wall mounted two at each corner of the house facing the other corner so I was thinking that the bullet cameras are best choice. Are the turret cameras good for wall mounting? Maybe with a special 90 degree mount?
All I need now is to buy those 8 cams, NVR, siren and install + setup them all ;-)
My wishful setup:
I would like to see 8 IP cams around the house.
I wish it would support facial identification and set off the alarm only for strangers but I started understanding that the current situation of 12f high cams would not be good for that. If the house members would be facing one cam would it still not work good?
l would also like to have face detection in order to avoid false alarms from moving trees, shade, pets etc.
I do not live in north America. The most convenient for me would be to order the system from a good and advised seller at Aliexpress.
Securing the cams with VLAN is very important but even more important that any house member would be able to view the cams VIA any of the TV's or phone. I expect that one day, the smart house would open all TV's and/or change the input to the camera's in any case of intruder in the middle of the night. The alarm would set off and the TV's would show all cams/the one that triggered the alarm.
In a perfect scenario, the system knows the house members as well as the family/friends/neighbors their activities would be recorded but the alarm sets off only for strangers.
Since I need an NVR plus x8 cameras and after all, it's only residence security the budget for each camera should not be too high. I think I've better use same type of camera for all places.
I do not expect to find the best suite for my wishful scenario for the best price/for my budget but anyway, that's the wishful and not necessarily what I'd end up with.

The main questions:
I still don't know if the face recognition is totally useless or less effective given that the cameras are 12f high and the distance to the target is about 25f.
I still didn't understand if the face recognition and face detection is a feature of the cam or the NVR or both.
I do not know how to provide the TV's an access to the cameras/NVR. I was thinking about HDMI to LAN, transmitter and receivers. Any other way? Does it work two way? Do I need two way? (probably I do, to switch between cam views) do they support CEC? Do the Hikvision/Dahua NVR's support CEC?
Is NVR good enough for my usage or BI is the only right way to go in here.
Do the varifocal cameras change the zoon with the target or it's only easier for initial setup instead of choosing the right one for you in advance and basically the zoom remains the same after choosing and setting up.
Is the face detection today good enough to minimize the false alarms for external cams to become close to 0? I do not expect intruders to wear marks and/or trying to be too sophisticated as walking with my picture or anything like that.

Sorry for the long thread. Really hope someone can give me a hint or advised cam that is close to me needs


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Jan 17, 2017
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Hi all,
The main questions:
I still don't know if the face recognition is totally useless or less effective given that the cameras are 12f high and the distance to the target is about 25f.
Welcome @ArnonZ

"I still don't know if the face recognition is totally useless or less effective given that the cameras are 12f high and the distance to the target is about 25f. "

12 feet is too high.

Checkout the cliff notes, especially look at the DORI info.

I highly recommend getting a good IP varifocal camera and just start to play with it to get an idea of what it can or can not do. Many of us prefer Dahua OEM models. Note - ordering products from China is currently impacted by the Wuhan-Corona COVID-19 virus.


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Jan 28, 2018
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On the question regarding BI versus NVR: all depends what you really want. It's like choosing for an automatic car versus a manual. It's a matter of taste, desirability to tweak and maintain. There is no "ultimate", as each platform has its pro's and cons (to give one: BI has a mobile app yet it's not free, Dahua NVR can be unlimited hooked up with free Android & iOS devices). So build YOUR list of requirements (eg: do I want a "spare" pc, install and maintain the windows, configure and secure that beast, do not allow kids to surf to nature documentaries on that pc, ensure antivirus and firewall, count the number of mobile devices --- versus -- do I want one all-in-one appliance, which only serves the purpose of video surveillance). At work, I already have too many pc brol metal to maintain, windows update breaking stuff left and right, therefore I personally opted for the appliance way. It is not the "best" of breed, motion detection is mwa, however IVS from cams is won-der-ful and serves all my needs.

As @mat200 stated: take your time, read the cliff notes, make a "test bench" with one varifocal in a bucket, mess around, restart, mess around once more. It takes lots of trial and error, because each "situation" has its own "parameters", eg lightning (ambient or pitch dark), do you want LPR, do you want crisp motions or good snapshots etc etc.

For your house layout: it might help to draw it in the IP VM calculator (IPVM Camera Calculator V3) so you can immediately see (when picking a sample Dahua Cam) of you have blind spots or not. Very handy tool!

Good luck!