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NSA Director Keynoting Dahua and Hikvision Sponsored Cybersecurity Conference


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Wonder what is in their firmware?
Even in the modest size of the core app of a camera, at under 10MB, there are maybe several hundred thousand lines of code.
A huge task for a human to analyse, and big even for automated analysis, for that small chunk that might do something unwanted.
Then move on to something like a Deep-In-Mind device with a couple of orders of magnitude more scale and sophistication - and it would be so easy to hide or obfuscate lots of things.


IPCT Contributor
.. Wonder what is in their firmware?
Also note, it could be something simple that just allows a buffer overflow attack.

Heck how many developers / software engineers have overlooked buffer overflow issues? Countless.

Code examples even included buffer overflow vulnerabilities - and many developers just cut and pasted those examples.