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Jul 1, 2016
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4 MP vs 5 MP/77xx or 76xx/HOFOTech

Hi everyone!

I am looking to install 8 IP camera in an office/factory space. I am considering

5 x DS-2CD2142FWD - I (4mp)
3 x DS-2CD2T42WD - I8 (4mp)

Should I go in for 4 MP or 5 MP. I saw some people suggest that 4 MP performs better. Is that correct?

I want to use PoE to power all the cameras. I can't decide if I should buy an NVR with in-built POE switch or should I invest in a TP-Link PoE gigabit switch (120 W total output over 8 Channels) and buy the NVR without POE. I read about some problems powering the cameras with NVR's Poe like skipping and lagging issues.

I need advice on what kind of NVR should I pair along with it. Should I go in for 7608 with POE or without POE. 7608 supports upto 50 Mbps. I can also go in for 7616 16 Channel NVR because it has 100 mbps bandwidth support. Will I require that much ? According to Stardot Bandwidth Calculator, each camera at 15 FPS, High Resolution, 5 MP (The website does not support 4 MP) , it shows 10 Mbps per camera. So because of this, I doubt that 50 Mbps NVR will support it. Please suggest me what will be a wise decision.

Some posts also suggest that one should buy the 77xx instead of the 76xx series NVR because 76xx series does not play multiple streams simultaneously. Why is that so? Should I really go in for the 77xx series?

Also, I am planning to buy from a supplier called HOFOtech. They are selling OEM product. Has any one had any experience with them? Shall I go ahead. There was another user who used HOFOtech and seemed very satisfied.

Thank you for the help in advance.
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