Struggling with determining correct outdoor locations for new business building


Sep 2, 2015
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We are soon moving to a new building and as the IT manager I have been asked by my employer to determine the correct outdoor security camera set-up. I have tried to be a good student and have read the Wiki and Cliff Notes, as well as spending a fair amount of time reading in this forum.

Our requirements:
1. Identify as per DORI. Means, I think, camera's should not be higher then 8 feet (2.4 meter)
2. Identify both Day and Night. As such I prefer Dahua Starlight camera's. Probably the new 4 MP models

I could use some help please
My questions:
1. Our loading docks are recessed into the building quite a way. Is it best to place camera's at the back-end or placing them at the front of the building? Please see Area 02 and 03 in the enclosed pictures. We prefer at the back-end (no weather influences) but I worry about backlight issues

2. At the sides of our building (Area 01 + 05), I had planned to use Dahua's 'boob' camera HDBW4231F-EM-M but decided againsts because its a dome-type camera and the Wiki recommends against using domes outdoors. But what is then the solution? Multiple turret/bullet camera's or the expensive Dahua panoramic 8800/8802 camera's?

Thank you in advance

Building security areas.png Front side V1.jpgImpressie2.png
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