System Build Help


Sep 8, 2017
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Northridge, Los Angeles, CA
I have 6 4mp wifi cameras currently and my old pc is basically dying lol .
I was wondering if someone with good knowledge can tell me what cpu + ram i should get to run all these 6 cameras with ease.
I plan on recording 24/7 at 30fps @full resolution (yes i know, if i lower the fps to 15 and resolution down to 1080p i can get cheaper cpu but i rather pay a bit more for cpu and see and record at full capacity of my cameras)
Also the machine that runs blueiris is a dedicated headless machine so i am 99% of the time streaming it locally to my main pc to see whats going on on the camera's.
for streaming i am using the newly built in UI3 streaming address.
as far as hdd's go i have that covered just want to know the best CPU and how much RAM i need to have the system run smoothly.
Thank You everyone in advance for your help . Cheers!