1. D

    Simplest way to stream RTSP IP Cameras to your website via WebRTC, without transcoding

    If you are on Windows OS, there is a remarkably easy way of doing this. Download and install free Unreal Media Server , create a live broadcast of type "rebroadcast live RTSP/", select RTSP from dropdown and provide your RTSP Camera URL. Give that broadcast some name (Alias). Now...
  2. D

    Streaming video from Door Station of Hikvision (DS-KV8102-IP)

    I need to start Two way audio with Door Station camera Hikvision (DS-KV8102-IP firmware: 1.51). I am using Curl to test: curl --digest -u admin:admin It returned: I set http port for this camera is 8102 but it did not make scene. I also tested...
  3. H@MST3R

    Access to the screenshot without login and password?

    Hi, My camera: Hikvision DS-2CD2T55FWD-I5 Firmware: V5.5.61 build 180718 When i uselink format "http://login:password@IP:PORT/ISAPI/streaming/channels/101/picture" works fine: ... but I need to configure the camera (or other link format) to skip the login process. There is a possibility in...
  4. J

    Hikvision Setup Help

    Im after a bit of help with my Hikvision setup. Im trying to get my cameras the smoothest/best quality picture I can. Ive got one dome - DS 2CD2142FWD-I and two bullets - DS2CD2042WD-I. The NVR I have is DS-7604NI-K1/4P Any help with settings would be greatly appreciated. I understand each...
  5. Ditlev

    24/7 rtmp streaming from bar/Music venue

    Hi - I am looking to setup a 24/7 streaming from the stage at my bar so people can enjoy the live music from home or where ever they are - it is password protected, and has been quite successful. I initially did this with a MEVO cam and a Røde usb mic. Image (low light) and sound quality was...
  6. T

    Streaming quality on Mac OS-X with Ui3

    Hi Loving BI and Ui3! All my MS Win machines can stream using the highest quality However, on my Mac I can only use Jpeg HD, or else the view seems to load forever and then time out. Does anyone else have this issue? Or a fix? Thx
  7. Vick

    System Build Help

    Hello, I have 6 4mp wifi cameras currently and my old pc is basically dying lol . I was wondering if someone with good knowledge can tell me what cpu + ram i should get to run all these 6 cameras with ease. I plan on recording 24/7 at 30fps @full resolution (yes i know, if i lower the fps to...
  8. B

    RTSP stream without port number in URL?

    So I got a NIB Honeywell Acuix IP PTZ off of Ebay. It's a nice PTZ camera with 35X zoom that would normally cost lots. I checked the specs. before I bid and it uses RTSP. I cannot get BI to use the correct RTSP stream. I used URL Snooper while accessing the camera's web page and have the...
  9. P

    URl for HikVision ds-7208hwi-sh ?

    Hi all, i searched at many places but couldn't find the url (streaming path) for HikVision DVR - model num: DS-7208hwi-SH i suppose its rtsp stream, so the link might be something like rtsp://user@password@ is above link,the right permalink (to get only...
  10. P

    URl for HikVision ds-7208hwi-sh ?

    Hi all, i searched at many places but couldn't find the url (streaming path) for HikVision DVR - model num: DS-7208hwi-SH i suppose its rtsp stream, so the link might be something like rtsp://user:password@ is above link,the right permalink (to get only...
  11. D

    Blue Iris - Live Website Hosting & Streaming For Guest

    Does anyone have any experience/advice for forwarding a blue iris stream to a website for a demo/preview for prospective clients? Any constructive comments would be appreciated. My web hosting service is through Duda Mobile via Go Daddy.
  12. Datarhei

    Livestreaming (H.264) without Streaming Provider (Open Source Software)

    Hello ipcamtalk Community I hope my posting fits in this IP Camera board - don´t want to be spammy. If it does not fit under "IP Cameras" perhaps an admin could move it to the right place - sry for the trouble. We think our software could be relevant for all network cameras. We just realeased...
  13. fenderman

    4.0.2 - March 12, 2015

    4.0.2 - March 12, 2015 The Windows Performance Data Helper (PDH) is now used to get CPU usage time for display within the software. This should provide more accurate information on multiple-physical-processor systems. Flash/RTMP streaming to UStream should now be functional on 64-bit systems...
  14. grigione

    Webcasting two cameras on same streaming?

    I want ask if is possible streaming two camera auto-cycling webcasting their on same streaming
  15. D

    Foscam IP Cameras on web pages

    We are currently using our Foscam IP Cams on our web pages see http://Deer.Camera and help us with our camera images. Can we stream faster live images to our site? Faster than the 1 pic per second we use now with our html's?