1. T

    DeepQuest AI Tool error

    I am hoping someone can help me out. Here are the details and the components of my setup. - Main OS - Windows 10 Home Version - 1909 OS Build - 18363.1082 - Computer Info - Processor - Intel Core i5-9600K CPU @ 3.70GHz RAM - 32 GB System Type - 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor...
  2. P

    "Sorry, The file could not be found" when trying to view clips/alerts

    Have been running BI for a year now set to Continuous Record and alert on Motion and is storing to a Western Digital MyCloud 3TB drive. Until a couple months ago, all was great, however I then ran into an issue where if I open BI (v.5) and click to open a clip in the sidebar I am presented with...
  3. erensfd

    Latest stable Intel graphics driver for hardware acceleration with Skylake?

    Hi Everyone, I'm having issues with hardware acceleration in BI using the latest Intel driver with my HD Graphics 530 GPU (i7-6700t). Can anyone recommend an earlier version that they have been using without any issues? The version mentioned in the Wiki for...
  4. TL1096r

    Newbie Starter Guide to IP Cam System – VPN setup – Computer Hardware – Blue Iris – Dahua Cameras

    This is an intermediate / newbie guide for people just starting out looking for a surveillance setup. I know this setup might not be for everyone and there are many options. You can find a lot of this information in the Wiki: IP Cam Talk Wiki | IP Cam Talk A great place to start in the Wiki...
  5. M

    Mobile Profile/Viewing Suggestions

    Hello, I was hoping I could get help troubleshooting my mobile viewing lag. Using an S10 and the blue iris app, live viewing typically has no issue on LAN or WAN, but viewing recordings is hit or miss. 80% of the time it works with less then 2 seconds delay. Other times though, it takes 5+...
  6. P

    Using NVR with Blue Iris

    I bought 5 dahua cameras and a Dahua NVR. I prefer Blue Iris over SmartPSS, i was able to connect my pc to the NVR through blue iris but it will only display the camera on Port 1 of the NVR. Any ideas how to get blue iris to read the individual ports of the NVR so I can display all the cameras?
  7. S

    Working with settings of cameras / Dahua / BlueIris

    I'm new to the entire Cam world and have recently bought and installed a Dahua IPC-HFW2831T-ZS 8MP IP Camera. Is there any rule of thumb when configuring camera Video Settings. I've got it set in an outdoor area capturing my front yard and the street/main road. I've set the camera to continuous...
  8. MikeBk

    5 Second Delay - Live Feed

    As of about an hour ago (after having no issues for about 2 weeks) my blueiris software live view has a delay of 5 seconds. Observations: The blueiris web (ui3) live view has no delay (thankfully) Viewing the camera directly has no delays (via hikvision web client) CPU usage is 13-15% RAM...
  9. N

    On-premise version

    Hi, I'm using BlueIris since years and I love this product, pretty high on my wishlist is some people/face/car recognition feature and I was excited reading about the Sentry thing in the first five minutes ... until I've read that it's a cloud thingy :( I don't really like cloud services where...
  10. C

    Restricting specific user account access by profile.

    Hi Question: Is it possible, in BlueIris, to restrict specific user account access by profile rather than by group or schedule? That is, they can only access when a specific profile is active. Background: In my setup, I want to have the ability to do the following: I have a number of...
  11. S

    Processor Recommendation for 8, 4mp (2688x1520) Cameras.

    I'm looking to replace my current cameras and add 4 more, so I'll need to upgrade my Blue Iris machine since it tops out at CPU usage a lot. Looking over at the wiki (Choosing Hardware for Blue Iris | IP Cam Talk), there are some great recommendations, but it doesn't really give any specifics...
  12. J

    Automatically upload Blue Iris motion alerts to AWS cloud

    The paranoid person in me says that if someone breaks into my house, the PC will be one of the primary targets to grab and with it the majority of my footage. Internal microSDs in the cameras are more likely to remain, but could be taken by a determined burglar and I honestly haven't tested out...
  13. R

    Techage system - anyone have experience with these?

    I am looking to setup an 8 camera system to cover a warehouse and have found these on Amazon. It seems to meet my requirements and budget, does anyone have experience with these systems? Is there anything I should be aware of that would make me not want to purchase them...
  14. J

    Homeassistant sensor, Bash-script with curl and json

    Hi, I am trying to create a sensor for Homeassistant so I can see which BlueIris profile is active for the moment. I have created a bash-script for the json commands but I am stuck, it wont log me in. # Ask about sessionkey and add it to $sessionkey sessionkey=$(curl --header "Content-Type...
  15. Jake Reindl

    Camera doesn't trigger unless I am actively watching it

    Got a strange issue, and it has taken a while to determine this is what is going on. I have a camera in my garage. My brothers would come in and borrow tools etc. But I had a push notification alert enabled, and I wasn't getting one when they went into the garage. I'd go back to the recordings...
  16. M

    What EliteDesk for BI?

    @fenderman as I recall your recent favorite PC for BI is an HP EliteDesk. I spent a couple of hours studying the different models and searching the net... is there a certain sweet spot model? I assume 800 G4 is too new and the G1 is too old. What would you be looking for today for your personal...
  17. S

    Donated workstation

    Our school received a donation of some older workstations, and I'm wondering if one of them might make a good BI server. I read over the wiki but don't see much info regarding the type of workstations I have, so looking for some advice from the community. As far as I can tell, the 'best' of...
  18. Matt Redz

    Dhua recommendations for use with BlueIris and Audio for new install

    Hi All Currently running a Hikvision NVR with 4 cameras dotted external around my house but want to move over to Dahua and BlueIris and enable audio also. I'm currently running 4MP Hikvision that are great in the daytime but really fail at night. The plan is to install the BlueIris alongside...
  19. AdySan

    Dahua NVR motion detection unreliability, is it worth fighting with this thing?

    Hello all, Long time reader, but never posted anything. a couple of weeks ago I pulled the trigger on a Dahua NVR5216-4KS2 and a couple of 4MP Dahua bullet cameras. The IPCamTalk cliff notes were extremely helpful in making this decision, thanks! I've set it up and the whole setup has been...
  20. T

    TinyCam + BI over HTTPS (Apache)

    I'm using Apache2 with mod_proxy to provide HTTPS access to Blue Iris (and a bunch of other things). It works great via a browser but TinyCam seems to be unable to get the video stream. If I disable my HTTP>HTTPS redirect and just connect over HTTP TinyCam works but I don't want to be doing...
  21. P

    Revotech cameras - Motion detection

    Hi to everyone, I have a Revotech Fisheye 2MP IP camera and I'm trying to send motion alerts from the camera to BI, I don't want to use motion from BI because it doesn't work fine. I have 30 IP cameras working with BI, most of them are Reolink and every camera sends motion alerts to BI, this...
  22. dalepa

    Using Smartthings and a Iris-Motion-Sensor to trigger a camera

    Update: I'm getting false alerts. This motion sensor is not going to work unless I can find a way to alert only after 2-3 seconds of motion. Finally got the wireless walnut size Iris-Motion-Sensor to work with SmartThings and BlueIris The Motion Sensor triggers my porch camera by...
  23. JohnCR

    Blue Iris | Let user forward/rewind a record from the same day

    Hi all, Is there a way to let a user see the recordings AND forward/rewind a record from the same day? I'm notice that the "security officer" user cant do it... is it related to the "clips and archiving" setting? Thanks!
  24. Vick

    System Build Help

    Hello, I have 6 4mp wifi cameras currently and my old pc is basically dying lol . I was wondering if someone with good knowledge can tell me what cpu + ram i should get to run all these 6 cameras with ease. I plan on recording 24/7 at 30fps @full resolution (yes i know, if i lower the fps to...
  25. K

    Replacing failed ATVideo with Dahua/Blue Iris

    Hello, I am trying to replace a failed NVR system for my local animal rescue facility. The system they had was an NVR16P from ATVideo (8 and 16 Channel NVR with PoE | Network Recorders | IP Video Solutions | Products | Advanced Technology Video) The facility already has about 12 fixed-dome PoE...
  26. S

    Overwhelmed - You're the PRO, Pls Make Reco's

    Andy, Saw you referenced quite a bit – newbie here. Picking up a server box to run BI later today and now need to pick a couple of cameras. I don’t really care if they are “International” or domestic consumption models so long as instructions and menus are in English. We’ve had our cars...
  27. H

    Hello! New Dahua 8MP setup

    Hello! New to this forum and amateur with cameras. I've used BlueIris for 9 IP cameras for about six years using a mix of bullets (Hikvision rebranded Lorex/Swann) and wifi (Samsung, Amcrest). I am moving to a new house and looking to start from scratch using Dahua cameras while contining to...
  28. J

    Disable Interior Cameras When Home

    I have a few cameras inside the house, but I'd like to disable or pause the recording when either my wife or I am home. Is there some way I can do this? I have a SmartThings controller, which knows whether we are present or not based on our phone's locations and I also have an alarm system...
  29. J

    Authentication "Non-LAN Only" - Does this work?

    Or should I say, does this work as expected? My expectation is that this would only require logins from connections outside of my local LAN. In this case 192.168.1.* However, in my case whether it's the same machine that BI is on or another machine on my local network, I cannot connect unless...
  30. jambajuice

    Help CPU is maxed out!

    I just installed it on my custom built PC blue iris with only 4 cameras and it's maxing out the CPU at 100%. Had to shut it down for fear of overheating. Any ideas on what could cause this?