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Sep 5, 2016
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Here's yet anther example of the great "good" our elected officials do every day they're in office -

From the article.....

How did the Department of Education get it so wrong? How is it they could claim student loans would bring in more than $100 billion in revenue for the federal government, when in reality they cost taxpayers nearly $200 billion?

What accounts for this massive miscounting?

GAO looked at the Department of Education’s budgets over the years and found that they were hundreds of billions of dollars off due in large part due to bad assumptions. GAO estimates that 61 percent of the bad accounting is due to these faulty assumptions. Those bad assumptions included incorrect estimates pertaining to the economic standing of borrowers, underestimating the likelihood of borrower default, and underestimating the percentage of borrowers who would enter income-driven repayment (IDR) plans.

Michael Diehl

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May 30, 2019
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Youre obviously not watching the same video :wtf:
Watched this one context, Ferret Face might have a valid point, otherwise the monicker still applies. Cruze's main concern is propping up Trump and the Trumper's AND how often he can get to Cancun....

Michael Diehl

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May 30, 2019
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Cheney is going to have her F around and find out moment on Tuesday.

The swamp is pretty damn deep though.

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Since some us that sometimes stop by here (in basically what is the proverbial "Echo Chamber" i.e. "self enforcing feedback loop"), remember that the "Establishment" GOP is what is left of the days when Congress was still fairly Moderate.
Cheney has tried to excercise what little bit of Statesmanship remains in doing what is best for the Country. So is Kinzinger. I have little doubt that she will lose the Primary, but she can go taking satisfaction that she did the right thing. So can Kinzinger. I have no doubt that the fall Primaries will end up with the GOP gaining full control of Congress, not what I want, but that's what experience has shown will happen. Nothing said here or anywhere else will matter except at the Polls come this fall and 2024.
And since you mentioned "Swamp" here's a little thing I remember from the 80's when a REPUBLICAN was interviewed on NPR (yes I said NPR, and I didn't stutter!). When asked about how ANY Politician running for Congress always wanted to "drain the cesspool/Swamp"...once they get there they think they're in a JACUZZI!


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Sep 5, 2016
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"Less Drag Queens, More Chuck Norris": Orban Rocks CPAC Texas

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who has fiercely defended his country's borders, language and culture, gave a 30-minute speech to a crowd of thousands of American admirers in Dallas on Thursday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

He painted a picture of America and Hungary facing twin fronts in a struggle against liberalism, globalists, communists, and "fake news."

skip to 23:00 ( but the whole speech is worth a listen)
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Dec 6, 2014
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South Dakota
Since some us that sometimes stop by here (in basically what is the proverbial "Echo Chamber" i.e. "self enforcing feedback loop"), remember that the "Establishment" GOP is what is left of the days when Congress was still fairly Moderate.
Cheney has tried to excercise what little bit of Statesmanship remains in doing what is best for the Country. So is Kinzinger. I have little doubt that she will lose the Primary, but she can go taking satisfaction that she did the right thing. So can Kinzinger. I have no doubt that the fall Primaries will end up with the GOP gaining full control of Congress, not what I want, but that's what experience has shown will happen. Nothing said here or anywhere else will matter except at the Polls come this fall and 2024.
And since you mentioned "Swamp" here's a little thing I remember from the 80's when a REPUBLICAN was interviewed on NPR (yes I said NPR, and I didn't stutter!). When asked about how ANY Politician running for Congress always wanted to "drain the cesspool/Swamp"...once they get there they think they're in a JACUZZI!
Except she didn't do the right thing. She sat on that committee and she LIED to the entire country, alongside the bug-eyed weasel and every other Dem making an appearance. I didn't know you were a fan of "fact-finding" committees and hearing that actually just spread misinformation and propaganda-- but hey-- U do U! :thumb: :cool:


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Dec 19, 2015
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Cypress, California
Barrasso Introduces Bill To Block Biden From Selling U.S. Oil Reserves To China

Wyoming’s senior U.S. Senator last week introduced legislation to keep China out of American oil reserves, days after the U.S. agreed to sell nearly one million barrels of stockpiled oil to China.

Sen. John Barrasso is the lead sponsor on a bill requiring the U.S. Secretary of Energy not to sell oil to America’s geopolitical foes, or to state-owned groups working with those countries.

“The (Energy) Department’s sale of crude oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) to a company owned by China… is inexcusable,” Barrasso wrote in a July 21 letter to Jennifer Granholm, U.S. Energy Secretary.

The department on July 11 announced it had landed contracts to sell one million barrels from the reserve per day, for six months, in hopes of easing global supply disruptions resulting from the war in Ukraine. One of the companies that landed a contract was Unipec America, which is a branch of China-owned Sinopec. Unipec’s contract is for 950,000 barrels.

Barrasso Introduces Bill To Block Biden From Selling U.S. Oil Reserves To China | Cowboy State Daily
Aug 3, 2015
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August 5, 2022
Good News Friday

Dear Patriots,

Did you feel it?

It wasn't an earthquake but it was a strong tremor.

Tuesday's primary elections in five states produced some stunning results. They highlighted numerous lessons that must be repeated.

And they lead us down the road to taking back our country from the Communist global elites.

We have always told you this was going to be a long slog. Reforming elections is a state by state, county by county, precinct by precinct, battle, and there is nothing simple or easy about it. The first step is knowing we have been cheated. The second is fighting for paper ballots, hand-counted, and real voter identification, while doing the best we can to elect people who are strong, determined, honest, resilient, and who are committed to fight the battle within their states.

We are off to a good start by selecting many great representatives of the people in this primary season.

On Tuesday in five states, we were outspent in some races by a margin of 10-1. The entire left AND the Elite Republicans descended on these states with boxes of cash to push out personal attacks on the candidates. They cheated. There was fraud. They were STILL counting in Washington and Arizona two days after the election.

However, on Election Day, Republicans won by 70% to 30%. Sensible, frustrated, dubious voters waited until THE day of the election and swamped the machines and the Uniparty's cheating efforts. We can never give up and refuse to vote. It still makes a difference. Tuesday proved it. We must pour out to vote in person on election day to have a chance of winning until we accomplish the reforms needed.

Pray for these candidates. Help them win. We need them desperately.
Kari Lake. Tudor Dixon. Kris Kobach. Mark Finchem. Abe Hamadeh. Wendy Rogers. Blake Masters. Kristina Karamo. Eric Schmitt. John Gibbs.

1- DeSantis is leading the way for Republican Governors by showing them how to be brave and bold in protecting their citizens.

PJ Media

Florida Gov. DeSantis Suspends State Attorney Andrew Warren for Failure to Prosecute

QUOTE: In a news conference aired live on Rumble, Facebook, and Twitter, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced the immediate suspension of Hillsborough County state attorney Andrew Warren for consistent refusal to enforce certain laws.

Accompanied by county sheriffs and law enforcment officers, DeSantis said Warren has publicly put himself above the law by signing letters saying he would not enforce riot laws, laws prohibiting sex changes for minors, or laws limiting abortion. DeSantis cited Warren's announcement that he would refuse to enforce any Florida laws limiting abortion in the wake of the Dobbs decision, laws against allowing children to undergo mutilating surgeries, and a consistent record of charges not being brought in violent crime cases.

DeSantis has laid down a marker, refusing to allow any Florida county or municipality to become one of those blue cities overcome by crime and violence due to woke politics and misapplied social justice.

2- Help to elect people who will push back on this ridiculous woke agenda.


Republican states are planning an all-out assault on woke banks: 'We won't do business with you'

QUOTE: Republican state officials are readying plans to punish woke banks which push anti-fossil fuel policies and adhere to so-called environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards.

West Virginia announced last week it would bar five major financial institutions, including BlackRock, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan, from entering into banking contracts with the state treasurer's office or any state agency. Each of the five corporations had committed to policies limiting commercial engagement with the fossil fuel industry which paid a whopping $769 million in taxes to West Virginia's state government.

"We're not going to pay for our own destruction, we're not going to subsidize that," West Virginia State Treasurer Riley Moore told FOX Business during an interview. "They have weaponized our tax dollars against the very people and industry that have generated them to begin with. That is why we're pushing back against this ESG movement."

3- It is hard to understand the magnitude and impact of 400 million people quitting the Chinese Communist Party. But, it is encouraging news.

The Epoch Times

400 Million Cut Their Ties With the CCP in Defiance of Communist Control

QUOTE: Chinese entrepreneur Chen Quanhong had one message he wanted to tell to the world: "Tuidang."

It's a Chinese phrase—and it means "quit the Party."

The words were emblazoned on a yellow flag Chen was carrying at a parade in Washington on July 21 to highlight the Chinese communist regime's myriad human rights abuses.

Chen is now one of 400 million Chinese who have renounced their ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliate organizations.

In June, the business owner from China's eastern Shandong Province made a statement formally breaking his ties with the Party, participating in a nearly two-decades-long grassroots movement that has sought to expose the communist regime's history of deceit and killing, and give people an opportunity to disassociate from the entity.

"In China, I was no different from a worm trampled upon by the authoritarian power, not daring to stir a bit," Chen told The Epoch Times. "Only when I came to America did I begin to feel like a person, because finally there's no fear from the communist party."

The Washington parade was the first one of its kind Chen had joined in his 50-plus years of life. It came ahead of a major milestone for the Tuidang movement: 400 million people renouncing their Party affiliations. The number tipped over that mark on Aug. 3.

"400 million—this number is greater than some countries' entire population," Yi Rong, the president of the Global Tuidang Center in Flushing, New York, told The Epoch Times. "With such a large group abandoning the CCP and steering clear from its crimes, it will spur a positive change in Chinese society."

As more people join the quest for freedom, a "new China" free of communist control appears ever closer to reality, she added.

4- We have suggested many times that you stop giving your time and attention to the corporate fake news. This includes Fox News, which has only sporadic flashes of fairness. They are all the same. Nothing distinguishes them.

NBCCBSABCMSNBCCNNPBSNYTWAPOCNBCFOXNEWSNETFLIXDISNEY+ have engaged in lying propaganda for years. Their goal is to scare and divide us. Avoid them.

That said, it does not mean we will not have schadenfreude when they experience the results of our lack of attention.

Here are four delightful headlines.

Blue State Conservative

MSNBC's Joyless Reid Suffers Humiliating Ratings Disaster As Fans Abandon Her Toxic Programming

QUOTE: Since the program launched years ago, MSNBC's "The ReidOut" with host Joy Reid finished the second quarter of 2022 with its smallest audience thus far, which is not a good sign for the host known for spewing toxic and divisive content, which could be why her audience is leaving.

Reid's program has shed viewers at an alarming rate since she took the place of Chris Matthews, who was forced to retire in March 2020. During the second quarter for its worst turnout since it launched, Reid's program averaged 1.1 million total viewers. Among the advertiser-coveted demographic of adults aged 25 to 54, MSNBC's 7 p.m. ET program also struggled, averaging only 122,000 for its lowest quarterly total ever.

5- But....she is the most popular woman on earth and dresses so well!

The Gateway Pundit

TV Series Based On Michelle Obama Gets Cancelled After Just One Season

QUOTE: A series on the Showtime network called 'The First Lady' that was based on Michelle Obama has been cancelled after just one season.This is somewhat surprising, when you consider the way Ms. Obama is covered by the media. According to them, she is one of the most beloved and popular figures in the country.If that's true, why didn't the show last? Weren't people watching it?

Breitbart News reports: The show was the target of widespread negative reviews, with the New Yorker magazine calling it a "bad-wig costume drama" and Time magazine concluding that Davis and Anderson were "egregiously miscast."

6- Glenn Greenwald summed it up perfectly in a tweet: If you're one of the people who enjoy reading about the multi-pronged, comprehensive failures of CNN on all levels -- beginning but by no means ending with their rapidly vanishing audience in the post-Trump era -- then this NYT article is for you.


Profits Slump at CNN as Ratings Plummet

QUOTE: Two people familiar with CNN's operations said the network's initial 2022 profitability target was $1.1 billion, which Mr. Licht is on track to miss by more than $100 million. But another person familiar with the matter said that by the accounting of company executives, Mr. Licht was on track to meet a profitability target of roughly $950 million for the year, since the network's initial budget didn't account for losses associated with launching the CNN+ streaming service.

Ratings are down from their Trump-era heights across cable news, but declines at CNN are particularly pronounced. The network has drawn an average of 639,000 people in prime time this quarter, according to data from Nielsen, a 27 percent decrease from a year ago. It trails MSNBC, which is down 23 percent in prime time during the same period, and Fox News, where viewership is up about 1 percent.

7- Even within the music propaganda, people are starting to say, no, thank you!


Beyonce Bust? "Renaissance" Anything But as Sales Predicted Down 60% from 2016's "Lemonade"

QUOTE: The bigger news is Beyonce has not turned the lemons from "Renaissance" into Lemonade. That was the title of her last album, in 2016, and it sold 650,000 in its debut week. "Renaissance" is not going to come near that number. has predicted today between 275K and 315K copies. The number will fall on the low side. It's about a 60% decline in sales.

8- Rumble is going after Google!

DC Enquirer

Google Ordered To Turn Over Documents On Free Speech Censorship Following Lawsuit By Competitor Rumble

QUOTE: Google was ordered by a federal judge last week to hand over documents related to potential censorship by the company, following a lawsuit by the video sharing platform, Rumble. Rumble claims the megacorporation uses, "various agreements with Android-based mobile smart device manufacturers and distributors to ensure its monopoly of the video platform market," and, "these agreements 'to ensure that its entire suite of search-related products (including YouTube) is given premium placement on Android GMS devices.'"

U.S. District Judge Haywood Gilliam concluded Rumble adequately argued that Google is violating Section 2 of the Sherman Act, in a decision released last week, given that the company, "maintains monopoly power in the online video platform market, asserting that YouTube controls 73% of global online video activity." The judge also decided Rumble successfully argued that Google brings, "no valid business purpose or benefit to users, [by designing] its search engine algorithms to show users YouTube links instead of links to its competitors' sites."

9- We had some good news this week. And it proves why we need you, and, you need us.

Defending The Republic is founded on, and committed to, fighting legal battles in arenas where others fear to tread.
You have supported our efforts to fund attorneys to litigate cases and represent individuals who have been caught in the tangled legal web of Covid-CCP, in the January 6 fiasco; the law fare waged against us, and, of course, election integrity.
Every single week we receive requests for help with all sorts of legal issues. It is painful to turn people away, but our small team of dedicated attorneys can only do so much.

However, we would like to take on a few more cases involving university students and employees who seek exemptions from the jab. We need your help to do so and to continue helping the January 6 defendants in particular. Mounting effective criminal defenses against the government is extremely time-consuming and expensive.

If you are looking to support a group of dedicated patriots working quietly in the trenches to represent Americans like you, please consider a $10, $15 or $20 monthly donation to Defending The Republic. And, get a cool gift! - DONATE HERE -

We want to help MORE people avoid the heavy handed mandates of the leftists and keep their jobs.
Note from our DTR's attorneys: Several weeks ago, a college employee reached out asking for help for a medical exemption his university's COVID-19 injection. This week, he informed DTR that his exemption was granted.
Colleges around the country are continuing their aggressive, unlawful and unethical COVID-19 vaccination mandates. Some colleges are even requiring boosters, despite the effectiveness of the "vaccines" continuing to wane and young people dropping dead "inexplicably" and at alarming rates.
This week, Defending the Republic helped one college employee be granted an exemption to their university's COVID-19 mandate--Another victory for Defending the Republic in the fight against vaccine mandates.
We have previously assisted other students across the country to obtain exemptions, allowing them to continue studying and to graduate without receiving these experimental jabs.
If you are a student or college employee subject to these vaccine mandates, please let us know and we may be able to help.

Contact us using this form.
Many of you are already contributing. We appreciate you, and we cannot continue without you. We know that the oppressive policies of the Biden regime have made money all that more tight. If you are able, however, and can spare it, please consider an additional donation now.
Anything you entrust to us is used wisely and gratefully. We have independent auditors and counsel doing their jobs too.
We ALL must fight in whatever way we can.

Donate HERE: Join Us In Our Fight

Pray. Pray. Pray. Know. Share.

Hold Fast,

Defending The Republic

Comments or Questions? Contact:

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To have confidence in the outcome of any election, we must continue to demand (1) real paper ballots, (2) hand counted in a bipartisan transparent process, and (3) citizen voter ID.
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Sep 5, 2016
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Whose policies are middle of the road, and whose policies are extreme?

We continually hear that voters who support President Trump are extreme.

What we don’t hear about is which policies make them extreme.
Here is one example The mini-Trumps are as big a threat to democracy as Trump is
Since this is from the Washington Post, let's just say we are not seeing democracy die in darkness, but rather democratic decline in the light.

Meanwhile, the media rarely describes Democrat candidates as extreme no matter how extreme their destructive policies are. They are too busy campaigning for them.
Here are several of the things Trump supporters believe in: (I would challenge the media to explain to the public which things are extreme}

That elections should be controlled by the states. Democrats want federal control.

We are against ballot-harvesting because it makes it much easier to intimidate voters, not to mention, cheat.

We are for photo IDs to vote and know that it is easy for everyone of voting age to get an ID no matter what race they are. Democrats frequently claim that voter IDs are racist because they always play the race card. Facts don’t matter.

We know that several states violated their own election laws in 2020. The media and other Democrats don’t care. Laws are flexible to them.

We support the electoral college and the rights of small states. People who want to abolish the electoral college don’t care about small states. They want big states like California to have much greater control of elections than they already have.

We know that on Jan. 6, 2021, when President Trump told protestors to walk peacefully and patriotically to the Capitol that he wasn’t encouraging violence. The media and other Democrats hide this quote from the public because facts don’t matter.

Trump clearly wanted the Capitol to stay safe because a few days prior he authorized national guard troops to be there. Sadly, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer didn’t care, and their J-6 committee to "investigate" the matter has no interested the truth.

We believe that congressional hearings should allow a defense instead of having a pre-determined outcome where the prosecutors, judge, and jury are all the same people. Evidence is irrelevant when we have Soviet-style hearings.

We believe that the massive number of violent, deadly, and destructive riots by radical leftists from the summer of 2020 deserve hearings and prosecutions. Sadly, the media and other Democrats don’t seem to care no matter how many deaths and injuries they caused and how many cities they destroyed.

We support Supreme Court justices who believe in the Constitution, the rule of law, and the separation of powers. We support decisions where they correctly rule that legislators are supposed to make laws and major regulations, not the courts and unelected bureaucrats.

We don’t support adding members to the Supreme Court like the whiny little babies on the left do when they don’t get their way.

We support limits on abortion. Only extremists support abortion up until the day of birth on demand.

We support giving babies born in a botched abortion health care. Only evil extremists would withhold health care from vulnerable children and just let them die.

We support the enforcement of immigration laws that Congress has passed.

We oppose lawless sanctuary cities and states who seem to believe they have flexibility on which laws they will abide with.

We sure as heck don’t believe in rewarding people who came in illegally with benefits and government IDs.
We believe in smaller government, fewer regulations, and lower taxes.

We know that the lower tax rates have helped the economy and have raised record amounts of money for the government. Why would anyone with a brain propose raising tax rates during a recession, especially when the lower tax rates were raising records amount of money?

We support giving the poor and minorities opportunities to choose what school they go to by giving them vouchers. Only extremists would require them to attend poorly performing schools at the behest of their political supporters. Why would anyone want to hold poor and minority children down unless all they cared about was power?

We do not support teaching children that whites are racist and privileged and that other races are oppressed victims.

We believe that IRS should be used to administer the tax code instead of being used to target political opponents as well as release private tax records as they lobby for higher taxes and more money for themselves.

We believe that IRS employees who violate laws, destroy documents, fail to pay their own taxes, and lie to Congress should be fired or prosecuted. Sadly, the Justice Department is very political and doesn’t care about laws or equal treatment under the law.

We believe people should have freedom of choice for what health insurance they buy or if they buy it all. We do not believe the government should dictate what we buy which caused prices to skyrocket.

We believe that women should not be forced to compete against men in sports nor be forced to give up their privacy. We don’t care about pronouns, and we certainly understand that men don’t give birth. In other words, we believe in science.

We do not believe that people should be forced to take a vaccine, that doesn’t prevent a virus, or get fired for avoiding it.

We do not believe taxpayers should pay off student loans of others. That gives colleges the incentive to never control their costs, or results when they have no consequences.

We believe that if President Trump learned that a politician from a previous administration was lining his family’s pockets with kickbacks from foreign countries that it should be investigated. Sadly, the media and other Democrats impeached him for doing his job. The leftists clearly don’t care about corruption of powerful people like the Bidens and the Clintons, nor does the politicized Justice Department.

We believe the Justice Department and FBI should do their job instead of targeting and illegally spying on political opponents. We believe FBI officials that lied to the FISA court should be prosecuted instead of being above the law. Merrick Garland’s Justice Department is more interested in parents protesting at school board meetings as terrorists than prosecuting criminals.

We do not support DAs that let career criminals roam the street and terrorize towns. We do not support no-cash bail laws. We believe in safety for the law-abiding citizens, not protection for criminals.

We supported Trump when he wanted the Wuhan lab investigated. It is a shame that the media, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and other Democrats blocked the investigation by calling it an unproven conspiracy.

We do not support the destruction of the domestic fossil fuel industry and the higher prices it is causing. We do not support begging the Saudis and others to pump more oil as the Biden administration shuts down our own production in the name of stopping global warming. Policies should be based on scientific data instead of computer models, theories, and predictions that have been 100% wrong.

We supported Trump’s energy policies that gave us reasonably priced energy, low inflation, and energy independence despite a growing economy with high energy demand.

We supported Trump when he punished Iran instead of the Democrats who rewarded Iran for pretending that they will be peaceful as they pledge death to America and Israel.

I would challenge the media and other Democrats to look at the above policies and state exactly which ones are extreme and why. Just repeating something over and over again without supporting details is propaganda. It's sort of like changing the definition of a recession and calling a bill the "Inflation Reduction Act."
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