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    Monocle: View IP Cameras with Alexa (Echo Show, Echo Spot, Fire TV, Fire Tablet)

    I have been playing with Monocle and have discovered something that might help a few people get it working. I have several cameras all the same brand and model. Some of them worked with Monocle and some didn't. When I started comparing the settings in the cameras I discovered that the ones...
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    I made a better remote-live-view page [OLD]

    Same problem here. It appears the .zip still has the old ui2.htm file in it.
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    Upload snapshot to two FTP sites at once?

    I'll do it. :)
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    Upload snapshot to two FTP sites at once?

    Thanks for the reply! I did as you instructed and it does the trick with only a little more load on the computer. --- If the authors are reading this though I would like to suggest a feature for the next version and that would be the ability to FTP to more than one destination per camera.
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    Upload snapshot to two FTP sites at once?

    I recently purchased Blue Iris after running the gambit of other products and found it to be the best performer. I am running 4 cameras and have been able to configure everything to my liking but I would like to do something with it that I have not figured out how to do. I would like to FTP...