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    Dahua NVR Stopped sending emails

    I think this page should answer your query: Generate and manage third-party app passwords | Yahoo Help - SLN15241 I didn't bother trying if it would work as it was simpler just to go back to using gmail
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    Dahua NVR Stopped sending emails

    Yes Yahoo needs app specific passwords now; I simply switched back to gmail (which was fixed sometime back)
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    Big update!! NVR5XXX-4KS2_MultiLang_V4.000.0000000.0.R.20190713

    For some reason, the "Backup" icon only appears using Internet Explorer (don't normally use this browser so never noticed) - where as it is totally missing when logging in using Firefox or Chrome
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    Big update!! NVR5XXX-4KS2_MultiLang_V4.000.0000000.0.R.20190713

    Hello Really embarrassed as I'm sure I'm just being blind... but I can't see how to actually download the video clips using this new v4.0 interface now? (similar actions to v3 don't seem to exist). Can anyone step me through how to do this please? Thanks
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    Dahua NVR Stopped sending emails

    Anyone have any luck? Seems a bit suspicious that it all seemed to stop working around the same time... I tried the same gmail settings in a Hikvision camera and it works fine! So is it something to do with Dahua (both NVR and IPC fail)?
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    Dahua NVR Stopped sending emails

    I've tried enabling two factor, then creating a app specific password (since this is more secure than just enabling less secure apps), but this still also tests "Fail"; doesn't give the message where the authentication is wrong.
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    Dahua NVR Stopped sending emails

    Yes, this also happened to me yesterday/day before too!
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    Wifi Doorbell

    I bought a Doorbird but I've not installed it yet (prob wont for another ~2 months)..Can let you know how it goes after I had a chance to get it all setup.
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    Camera recommendation for living room

    I'm also thinking of the 4231F-AS for my internal cams and if mounted in the corners (maybe 6" away) to keep it more discreet, especially since my ceilings aren't that high (lucky to be 8ft not like 10ft like mentioned in post #8). But I can't decide 2.8mm or 3.6mm? I was originally thinking...
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    Dahua NVR Reboots during the day

    Any more reports of the revised firmware on this NVR? @Crazykiller posted a 'workaround' here, which whilst not ideal may still be good enough until dahua finally fix it (if they ever do) Dahua NVR5216-4KS2 / NVR5216-16P-4KS2
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    Dahua NVR Reboots during the day

    I'm keeping a close eye on this thread as I will need to make a purchase soon - still leaning towards a NVR solution rather than BlueIris. Seems like is might be an issue with the 5216 models, does anyone with a NVR4216-4KS2 having the same problem? With the 5216 being the pro model which is...
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    Dahua NVR 5216-16P-4KS2

    I am tempted to buy this NVR, but most likely the non POE version, just following this (and the other thread) closely regarding the random reboots... In the meantime, I have had a quick look through the Dahua API manual and just wanted to confirm my understanding: SetRecordModeConfig can be...
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    VPN Primer for Noobs

    Hi nayr I understand using the certificates in place of wifi password authentication but how does it work for apps connecting over a public wifi network in the place of connecting via VPN? For example using a VPN, you would need to establish it before any phone/tablet apps could then access...
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    Home Video Surveillance - Security + Baby Monitoring. Wifi + Wired. Help.

    I use the Hikvision DS-2CD2432F that Abbell linked to above as a baby cam - It's wired via the ethernet in the room, but temporary held to a cupboard via some duct tape. Later on this may be repurposed as the hallway camera facing the front door and installed properly.
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    What do you use for password management?

    KeePass (Open source so in theory should be more certain no back doors etc)