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    Hikvision 1/2" sensor Turret DS-2CD2385G1-I

    What exactly does ‘powered by dark fighter’ mean please?
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    Security camera Recording

    Just buy a Nvr mate. Nice and simple then.
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    GUI 4.0

    Anyone know of a pdf manual that explains the basic user needs using the GUI 4.0? Only looking for a simple guide on playback and exporting files. TIA
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    Use alarm from other camera to activate preset on PTZ

    I am also trying to set this up am finding it very confusing. Anyone get this working?
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    Hikvision in the UK

    It seems anyone can open a “trade account” with a UK Hikvision re-seller. However Hikvision “Official Seller” accounts are trade only and are where the best prices are.
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    Any news of Hikvision 4K Turrets?

    Not in my opinion. I only require a 1080p system Tvi is perfect for me. I would gain nothing from IP. I understand why you promote IP as you need to keep the traffic up on this(your) site to attract advertising/revenue.
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    Any news of Hikvision 4K Turrets?

    Do yourself a favour mate and switch to Tvi. You are wasting approx 60% of your $ using IP. Hikvision UK & Ireland
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    Display Image on Remote Monitor

    The monitors are in three different locations/offices. They can be replaced with hdmi/vga monitors but I cannot figure out how to feed them. iVMS-4200 the way to go maybe?
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    Display Image on Remote Monitor

    A friend has asked me to upgrade his old analogue system with a Hikvision ip system. His old system had a three spot monitors displaying three different cameras. This was easy as the spot monitors were fed by a coax cable from the individual "out" connectors on the back of the Dvr. How would...
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    IVMS stream type unsupported through 3G

    What is the resolution and frame rate of the cameras? Are you using the sub stream(fluent) when using the app?
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    Camera on home network

    My home network has a download speed of 50Mbs and upload of 15Mbs and I believe this to be typical of a UK home network. I would like to add a camera to my garage using the network point already installed. Will this cause any problems to my home network? Slow it down in any way? Ta
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    Hik's new mini-dome, first look.

    Lol didn’t realise what it was.
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    Nvr Beeping

    Every now and again I lose my internet connection which generates a Network Loss alert on my 7604. I know I can disable this feature but I find it useful. However the Nvr continues to "bleep" every 30 seconds or so until the internet connection is re-made. This can become very annoying :mad: Is...
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    Hik's new mini-dome, first look.

    How did that work? I set up an older model today but used my fingers. Didn’t know there was a tool to adjust.
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    Max Bitrate

    Seems a bit strange that the default setting is so low.