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    Recommendations on camera and NVR

    5 series? Good price!
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    Recommendations on camera and NVR

    Yes it is very confusing when deciding what to buy. So many variables and it is never clear cut. Lens size, available light etc. That said cameras are improving all the time. If the Hikvision ColorVu cameras did not have the annoying bright LED light it would be a no brainier. Hang on another...
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    Hikvision 1/2" sensor Turret DS-2CD2385G1-I

    What exactly does ‘powered by dark fighter’ mean please?
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    Security camera Recording

    Just buy a Nvr mate. Nice and simple then.
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    GUI 4.0

    Anyone know of a pdf manual that explains the basic user needs using the GUI 4.0? Only looking for a simple guide on playback and exporting files. TIA
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    Use alarm from other camera to activate preset on PTZ

    I am also trying to set this up am finding it very confusing. Anyone get this working?
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    Hikvision in the UK

    It seems anyone can open a “trade account” with a UK Hikvision re-seller. However Hikvision “Official Seller” accounts are trade only and are where the best prices are.
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    Any news of Hikvision 4K Turrets?

    Not in my opinion. I only require a 1080p system Tvi is perfect for me. I would gain nothing from IP. I understand why you promote IP as you need to keep the traffic up on this(your) site to attract advertising/revenue.
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    Any news of Hikvision 4K Turrets?

    Do yourself a favour mate and switch to Tvi. You are wasting approx 60% of your $ using IP. Hikvision UK & Ireland
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    Display Image on Remote Monitor

    The monitors are in three different locations/offices. They can be replaced with hdmi/vga monitors but I cannot figure out how to feed them. iVMS-4200 the way to go maybe?
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    Display Image on Remote Monitor

    A friend has asked me to upgrade his old analogue system with a Hikvision ip system. His old system had a three spot monitors displaying three different cameras. This was easy as the spot monitors were fed by a coax cable from the individual "out" connectors on the back of the Dvr. How would...
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    IVMS stream type unsupported through 3G

    What is the resolution and frame rate of the cameras? Are you using the sub stream(fluent) when using the app?
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    Camera on home network

    My home network has a download speed of 50Mbs and upload of 15Mbs and I believe this to be typical of a UK home network. I would like to add a camera to my garage using the network point already installed. Will this cause any problems to my home network? Slow it down in any way? Ta
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    Hik's new mini-dome, first look.

    Lol didn’t realise what it was.
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    Nvr Beeping

    Every now and again I lose my internet connection which generates a Network Loss alert on my 7604. I know I can disable this feature but I find it useful. However the Nvr continues to "bleep" every 30 seconds or so until the internet connection is re-made. This can become very annoying :mad: Is...