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    Blue Iris Background Audio on iPhone?

    Post is a bit old and you might have gone a diff route. One of my cameras in blueiris is used as a baby monitor. we run the blueiris ios app on an when you select the camera the ipad will play both audio and video until it runs out of battery or you get out of the app. The screen will never turn...
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    Ok PC for 20 camera setup?

    Not sure what do you mean. Blue Iris Hardware acceleration does not work on VMs.
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    Cat5e length question

    It should be alright. 100m is just a reference as part of the standard. Just use good cable. The Chinese cables off ebay would definitely not work, even under 100m.
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    Probably a Stupid Question But

    Your headroom would be limited and this might impact performance . However there is nothing inherently wrong by doing it provided the thermals are accounted for. As long as you are getting the most out of that 85% load and this is not due to a wrong config parameter, it is fine. Purpose built...
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    Blue Iris power usage...

    What other processes are using the cpu? 30w is pretty good for a custom built pc. Do you have overlays enabled? What about camera fps reported in BI? I had a problem setting i-fames too high and this was causing the max fps in BI to go way over the 15fps max and increasing cpu load. Setting...
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    Connecting a camera to a NVR through a Wireless Bridge

    You might be pinging the management address of the bridges. Bridges by definition have no IP used fot the traffic itself, only for management. Can you post the ip address of the connections you are trying to get working? Are they all in the same subnet and set to bridge mode?
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    Hardware Weight for Blue Iris

    Also works for me. Great info there! Thanks for sharing
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    Ok PC for 20 camera setup?

    40-70% for 4 cameras is a bit on the high side. Are you sure your Blueiris is tuned properly? are you streaming to a lot of client devices? lots of overlays? In average Blue iris setup for 4 cameras should be hovering around 10-20%. maybe if you share your camera settings and models we can give...
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    Hardware Weight for Blue Iris

    Internal gpu, cores, mhz and so on... In my view this would require testing to marry each platform to each set of BI configs. If you use intel cpus the latest generations have way better quick sync performance than older gen 2 or 3. But on the other hands BI loves cores and muti threading. I...
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    4k is meant to be 3840x2160. Can you take another look? Thats not what’s is set to on the screenshot.
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    Direct Burial CAT6 splice kit

    Apologies, did not know this was the exterior-grade type cat6. No conduit needed underground.
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    Direct Burial CAT6 splice kit

    Maybe I'm missing something here. Is the cable in a PVC pipe? If not why bother? Would splicing a new patch of cat6 by soldering each pair on both sides and glue coated heat shrink do the job?. It is going to fail anyway in the future and not precisely where the new splicing is made.
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    Powerful PC or Dedicated Powerful PC

    The main problem of having the latest intel cpu with 18 cores with 64gb of ram and a gtx 1080 with 2 PCIE SSDs in raid configuration is that it will do very well when editing videos in premiere but will be wasting power 24/7. 16gb for premiere is low btw even for 1080p. Surveillance is a long...
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    Why should I go with a PC and Blue Iris vs a dedicated NVR?

    I think the main thing to consider is how much flexibility you want and how much time you want to spend configuring it and tinkering with it. NVRs are meant to set up and forget. PC setups wil definitely require more knowledge and time to set up. However There is no limit when it comes to what...
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    Wondering if this PC will be good enough for Blue Iris.

    To me just made sense that being CPU and memory the same and the other components different/bigger (SFF vs MT), the SFF would be more power efficient. However, I would trust your testing over Dell's. Real life experience always beats manufacturer's propaganda. Must be my deep love for the...