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    ipConfigure EMS?

    Thanks Tom!
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    ipConfigure EMS?

    Anyone know anything about the ipConfigure EMS? I got tossed into a maintenance thing where they are using it and it looks a bit weird.
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    Splitting cat5e cable?

    That Veracity switch is a great one, I have used it a few times. Not exactly cheap, but nothing good ever is.
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    IP Camera Network Options (risk to home network security?)

    There was a discussion similar to this on the Security Now podcast recently. The question was how to isolate "internet of things" devices given that a lot of them are sketchy on the security side. The solution was a three router setup in a Y configuration. It would look like this:
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    How Do You Terminate Cat5 Cable?

    We use these at my shop, but if you are doing low volume it is tough to justify the costs.
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    Any cheap tricks to run cable in attic through soffts like a 18' tent pole or ?

    I am trying to find the name of it, but my brother used to install cable TV for folks before he came to work with me. He used this stuff called "split pipe" that was meant to protect vertical runs on the outside of a house from things like weed eaters and other lawn tools. If you twisted these...
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    Urive Shotgun video sample

    sweet, thanks!
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    Urive Shotgun video sample

    Do you still have an install file you could post on Dropbox (or something similar)?
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    Urive Shotgun video sample

    Registrator?? Who the heck made up that crazy word?? - - - Updated - - - I just tried to go get it but it says the website has expired.
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    POE switch 802.3af

    I think I would still use a standard switch. It gives you options for expansion and only requires one power source (plus you could use a UPS to cover power outages)...
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    POE switch 802.3af

    If you are trying to power a camera with POE it needs 48 volts. You need to find an injector that is 802.3af compliant.
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    Let's talk solar gear for a few minutes, shall we?

    I am trying to put together a quote for some solar powered cameras and other "stuff". There are a TON of sources out there for this stuff, and I am just curious if you have any experience on who to avoid or who gave you great service when purchasing panels, batteries, charge controllers, etc...
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    wifi range

    Yeah, the best bet is a point to point bridge with 100% unobstructed line of sight. That means mounting them at LEAST 12 feet high to avoid trucks and what not.
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    Remote Viewing With EZViz: What Should We Expect?

    Yes, this should not be an issue. Bear in mind though that anything viewed thru cloud services could have a significant delay from the actual live view.
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    Xeon vs i7 Haswell

    I know, but I have run into 3 or 4 cases in the last 2 years where a Xeon powered computer had some terribly under powered on-board graphics that could not cut the mustard, and the only real options for a video card that worked were $400 or more. Tough to justify that in most cases.