access control

  1. Angelkorok1

    Problem with Access Control

    I have an Access Control ("DS-K2801") and it is connected to a card reader ("ProxPoint Plus 6005 HID" ). The connection to the access control is functioning well, and the reader does send life signals (when I swipe a card, it beeps). The issue is that when trying to register a new user and...
  2. Z

    Hikvision access control DS-K1T331

    Greetings, maybe someone found a way to bind "'Door unlock'' to a keyboard key ?
  3. RyanMM

    Residential Access Control - alternatives to smart locks

    I'm in the process of getting replacement doors for my house, and it occurred to me that this might be a good time to add wiring for a doorbell as we don't currently have one. As I look at all these smart lock systems that are kind of on the unattractive side versus plain old door handles and...
  4. S

    Unable to establish connection with Dahua controller

    Hello, I'm a developer, I work on a project to make my own acess control system with Dahua products (I work with ASC1204b-s controller) However, I cannot connect to the controller with the HTTP Protocol (Basic and Digest authentication) using the API. Instead of sending back an error code (like...
  5. Arne

    Facial recognition for access control and attendance tracking

    We want to introduce facial recognition for access control and attendance tracking in our new office. There would be a total of 3 entrance / exit glass doors to monitor into both directions. What camera system would you suggest that allows for swift recognition of around 300 faces and sometimes...
  6. gp2000

    HikVision NVR4.0 <-> AccessController IoT linkage - Arming failed?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to link an NVR (DS-7732NI-K4 on V4) with a DS-K2602 Access Controller via IoT. The feature of overlaying Card numbers and access events on the video footage will be extremely handy for us. But i'm hitting a wall and have been banging my head for 4 hours now...
  7. Sean Nelson

    If you install cameras for a living, but you don't install Access Control, you need to click here

    Access Control is an untapped goldmine for the professional installer. However, alot of guys are intimitated by the complexities it brings. The thing is, its really not that complicated. But what I can tell you is, that if you want to get started, the best way to do this is to start with an...
  8. C

    Restricting specific user account access by profile.

    Hi Question: Is it possible, in BlueIris, to restrict specific user account access by profile rather than by group or schedule? That is, they can only access when a specific profile is active. Background: In my setup, I want to have the ability to do the following: I have a number of...
  9. S

    Access logging for people and vehicles...

    Hi Being unable to determine the best forum, I take my chances and post here. Should it fit better somewhere else, feel free to move the post. Aight - Im quite new to all this, and even after extended knowledge gathering, I find myself in a situation of confusion... or rather... lack of...
  10. Damers101

    Here From AZ

    What's up guy's, I'm just a guy good at his job! I'm starting out in my own now and it's super spooky but going ok. I want to help you guys and create myself a name. It seems to be when I train they don't retain so let's do this.
  11. N

    QR or Bar Code access control

    We have a need to send guest passes out so people can print them or show them on their phone and the reader would grant or deny access. We currently have access control using HID Edge and VertX and RFID tags, so this would supplement this. Also, we have Doorking phone entry dialers if it can...