1. ChappyEight

    Mounting in Engineered Wood Soffit?

    Has anyone ever mounted a bullet cam to an engineered wood soffit like LP SmartSide? This is the material used for both trim and soffits at my home. I have a bullet camera with a Dahua aluminum junction box ready to go, but I can't decide if I should try to mount it to the soffit or mount it...
  2. J

    Hikvision Setup Help

    Im after a bit of help with my Hikvision setup. Im trying to get my cameras the smoothest/best quality picture I can. Ive got one dome - DS 2CD2142FWD-I and two bullets - DS2CD2042WD-I. The NVR I have is DS-7604NI-K1/4P Any help with settings would be greatly appreciated. I understand each...
  3. A

    HIKVISION Turret or Dome?

    Hi All New to the forum and new to the technical world of cameras. I am installing around 8 cameras (3 in front of house, 3 at the back and 2 inside). My question is should I go for Turret or Bullet or combination. Any help will be really appreciated. Outside cameras Front of house -> 2...
  4. K

    Installing Wired Cameras

    Hello! I'm setting up some wired cameras for the first time (to replace some Arlo wireless cameras that are total garbage). I've poked around here and other places for best practices, and I just wanted to get a final plan in place for the new cameras. I'm considering either some Unifi...
  5. D

    WTS Hikvision Camera DS-2CD2T85FWD-I5 6mm Network Bullet IP67 8MP 6MMWDR EXIR POE/12V Retail

    Camera is basically brand new. 6mm is too much of a focal point for the application I am using it for. US version, purchased from authorized Hikvision distributor. WIll provide original proof of purchase for warranty. Asking 255 plus shipping. Will accept Paypal. Will ship anywhere within...


    Yep, I messed up. :smash:Maybe you can help. I have 10 brand new in the box IPC-HFW5231E-Z5 that I bought from Andy at Empire. I'm looking to sell at least 8 of them. I'm asking $190 for each including shipping. I'm in the Chicago area so if you're close maybe you can pick up your purchase...
  7. aesterling

    Condensation in bullet cam while indoors

    Hello everyone, I just recently joined the forums after buying a house earlier this fall. I decided to buy a Hikvision DS-2CD2085FWD-I 8MP Bullet IP Camera from an eBay seller and I'm super happy with the quality. I picked up a TP‑Link TL‑POE150S PoE Injector to power it temporarily while I wait...
  8. B

    HIKVISION 8MP Bullet DS-2CD2085FWD-I vs HIKVISION 5MP Turret DS-2CD2355FWD-I

    Hi, I am still wondering whether I should go for a bullet or the turret variant of the ip camera. The camera will be surveilling the patio and it will be installed to a *vertical wall* just a 2 meters above the main door (4.5m from target) -pointing down towards cover the 4.5m long entrance...
  9. Malpraktis

    DIY: Warehouse Security Cameras

    Hi All! I'm a huge fan of Dahua cameras as I've used several of them at home with a blue iris setup, but my work is now looking for some suggestions as to the best setup for their warehouses. One warehouse will house about 11 cameras (some inside and out), and the other will house about 10...
  10. T

    WTS new 1080p home security cam system, 2 bullet cams

    new 1080p home security cam system, 2 bullet cams exact model LV-KT934HS2A5-T1 direct from manufacturer received as a gift. i opened the box just to see what's inside. did not opened all the smaller boxes and packaging within. box sitting on my table asking $200 shipped via paypal. im open to...
  11. nayr

    Dahua 4MP 25mm LPR Modification

    Starting a thread for this project and discussion.. this is the poor mans long range LPR setup. Camera: IPC-HFW4431M-AS-I2 ($100) Lens: 25mm Cheap-o ($20 DHL) Just installed the lens and am evaluating it, with this camera I was able to fully reassemble the camera despite the longer lens...
  12. nayr

    Dahua Starlight Varifocal Bullet (IPC-HFW5231E-Z)

    I bring you the twin brother to the 2016 & 2017 Camera of the year! another true low light destroyer that can be had for under $200 USD.. This is the little brother to the Ultra Starlight Bullet and physically looks identical in every way. This is a metal full sized bullet, the only...
  13. nayr

    Dahua Ultra Starlight Varifocal Bullet (IPC-HFW8232E-Z)

    I present the Ultra 1/1.9" Starlight Bullet, when you need the absolute best in low light performance, damned the cost. Unlike the EcoSavvy Starlights this is a BIG sensor version.. most people suck at fractions so let me put this into decimal for you: 1/2.8" = 0.357in and 1/1.9" = 0.526in...
  14. B

    A good extension arm for Hikvision Bullets?

    Has anyone used an arm to extend a Hikvision 2032 Bullet (or any bullet for that matter) from their vertical mounting surface? I am thinking about making something semi-custom/modified unless there is something turnkey I have not been able to find. pics would be great.
  15. I

    New Hikvision WiFi Bullet? DS-2CD2032F-IW

    Anyone have the DS-2CD2032F-IW IP Camera? I wanna purchase it but wanna know a few things: Is it genuine Hikvision? Does it have Hikvision firmware? Compatible with Hikvision NVR? Does the WiFi work well? I need this instead of the bullet because it will be in a position where only power...
  16. R

    I am so lost on what to buy.... currently using Logitech Alerts

    I currently have a 2 camera Logitech Alert system (one indoor, one out) which I got for free as part of their "delta test" program years ago. The thing I love about it is that it uses powerline adapters so it's easy to put the cameras anywhere. The thing I hate about it is has been completely...
  17. Mike

    Some Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I installation pictures + 1 Varifocal

    Here are a few pictures of some Hikvision cameras that I have installed for other people. Here's two 2032's and 1 Varifocal...30 feet on top of a pole!